Wordless Wednesday: Flowerbug


Photo by Gene'O

Photo by Gene’O

The Beauty of A Woman

Breasts large or small, all the same,
Yet the delicacy of her frame,
And if her teeth are crooked or nose too long,
With that I see nothing wrong.
Crow’s feet or wrinkles in her skin,
Might make her all the more interesting.
But if in her eyes I can attain,
3 parts wisdom, 1 part pain,
And perhaps a glimmering of light,
A touch of a mischievous sprite,
And a warmth that says she’s true and human,
Here lies the beauty of a woman.

(ed. – You can read more of Marissa’s work at Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth.)

Happy Easter




You’ll be seeing more original photos here as we move into spring and summer. I got about 30 good shots yesterday, and I’m pretty much taking my camera everywhere I go now. I intended to make this part of our content from the very beginning, but it’s taken me this long to find both the time and the right weather for outdoor photography. I like to photograph flowers, sculpture, architecture, and heavy equipment, and we have an abundance of all those things in my hometown.

Wordless Wednesday