Tuesday Texture: Bricks + Chalk

Photo by Gene'O, 2015.

Photo by Gene’O, 2015.

Last Tuesday photo for April. I’ll have one more Wordless Wednesday remix tomorrow, then done  with the photos until May.

I may have to drop back to one photo a week here for a bit to get some other stuff done. I’ll tell you. I am way more efficient at the Internet than I was when I started. And I have more help at this moment in time than I’ve ever had. Still have a to-do list a mile long.

I don’t see how I blogged the way I did last year and remained sane.

Hang in there! We’ve almost made it to Z, and I know where an A to Z afterparty is to be had once we’re done 😉

Tuesday Texture: Geodesic


This one is too easy for a “What IS This?” but I am thinking about those. I heard you loud and clear last week. No worries. Good things come to those who wait, and I can be clever when I want to be.

I did actually take this photo myself, back in October, with 2015 Tuesday Textures in mind. All the photo features that link to my blog in the caption are taken by me.

Wordless Wedesday: Perspective

 Photo by Gene'O

Photo by Gene’O

Tuesday Texture: Fieldstone


Image by Gene'O, 2014.

Image by Gene’O, 2014.