An Introduction and Some Thoughts on Myths

We’re pleased that William accepted the invitation to post here, and excited about the fact that he enjoys discussing myths, because myths are one of our favorite conversation topics. -ed.

The Neverending Story (1984) 2poster

by William Hohmeister

Stories are comprised of many parts, and I don’t mean only the three-act structure. I like to think of a story as a body the writer creates out of whatever parts she can find. Sometimes the parts are hers, other times you have to steal them and hope no one notices a bit of freshly-turned earth in the graveyard.

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Reasons to be scared of the future.

This is a weekly comedy series by Rhys Darby. This episode is all about nanotechnology, and by the end he’s talking about a robot zombie apocalypse.

via The Nerdist YouTube channel