Weekend Music – Clockwork Angels

Look, it’s a guest Weekend Music! One of my very favorite bands is Rush, an addiction picked up from my dad. Which is easy enough to pass along, as they’re celebrating their 40th year this year. Their most recent album was only two years ago, their first concept album – Clockwork Angels.

I wrote a whole series of posts about how I love music but don’t always really understand it. Not so much when it comes to Rush – I feel like I get it. Whether it’s the priests of Syrinx, the black hole of Cygnus X-1, Alph the sacred river, or the Working Man, I’ve got a handle on the metaphors, stories, and mythology going on.

Well, maybe until Clockwork Angels… however, this concept album was more than just the album – they wrote a utopian/dystopian novel to go with it. I’ve reviewed that before, but it ends up at the end with the song above. The Garden. A good life, on your own terms, despite however the world tries to drag you one way or another.

“In this one of many possible worlds…”

I will be seeing Rush this year for their Rush 40th concert tour, and I am incredibly excited. I’ll likely be geeking out more about Rush after that, as part of Eclectic Alli’s “Passionate Geeks” series. Hey, are you reading that series? Go forth and do so!

It’s #Zevon Time – Lawyers, Guns and Money, 1980

This was recorded in New Jersey in 1980. I was 8 years old at the time and didn’t learn about Warren Zevon until much later, so I’m thankful to LilMikeSF for posting it in January. It’s one of my favorite songs, and I scan YouTube for newly-uploaded versions of it every couple of months. Not many songs capture the Cold War psychology the way Zevon does here, and this version is energetic, even by his standards.

I’m going back to writing things now. I’ll have a Tolkien post at the Monster later in the week, along with some things for the other blogs.