Weekend Music: Closing Time


This is your last weekend music of 2014, and what could be better to end the year than Leonard Cohen riffing on bar culture, one-night-stands, missed opportunities, and country music (yes, he’s saying something about country music here).

We need to talk about A to Z here and about Feminist Fridays at Just Gene’O this weekend. Announcing contributors immediately after the new year. We’re almost out of time for planning and such, so we need to make the most of this next week.


Leonard Cohen: Sisters of Mercy


We haven’t had any Leonard Cohen around here for awhile. So let’s just have some. The lyrics superimposed over the video would be annoying if they weren’t Italian. Italian is just that interesting, y’all!

Also. Extended-range classical guitars are cool. There’s one in the middle of this video.

We’re probably not as bad off as I made things out to be yesterday, but we will miss some days, and soon. Just not today.

You want to read Just Gene’O right now, unless you already read it first thing this morning. I’ve got a post over there that’s less than 300 words, so it won’t take much time. And you get another video out of the deal.

Also, world domination humor. You get that, too!

Weekend Music: Leonard Cohen with U2


I’m way late with this. It should have gone on Friday, but at least I got it in while it’s still the weekend. A great performance of a great song.

Weekend Music

Leonard Cohen in Helsinki.

“The Partisan” is notable for the fact that Cohen very rarely plays songs he didn’t write. This is an adaptation of “La Complainte du Partisan,” written in 1943 by Anna Marly and Emmanuel d’Astier de la Vigerie.