Monday Music: Zepplin, 1975


I should blog more Led Zeppelin.

Didn’t have time to get a Muted Monday together for today, so we’ll do Monday Music instead ūüôā

I DID manage to get my Doctor Who review up at Part Time Monster (mostly) on time this week, and I have a very late coffee post, such as it is, at Just Gene’O. So, progress.

More here later in the week.

I Lost the Day


The Band, from the The Last Waltz, a documentary of their farewell concert directed by Martin Scorsese. I find the song quite powerful.

Here’s a first look at my improved personal blog, Just Gene’O. It needs an About page and I have to change a lot of social media links before it’s ready, but it’s substantially finished and I’d love to have some feedback on the header/background images and the design.

I’d planned to write¬†a coffee post this afternoon, but I had to go out for a couple of hours and it’s getting late, so I’m just going to¬†put most of what I would have said in that one into the Monday post.

You’ll want to stop by tomorrow if you’re collaborating with me on projects or interacting with me across social media. I’ll have¬†a preview of the next couple of months here and important¬†information about my ongoing social media reorganization.

Weekend Music: Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock

This needs no introduction except to say:

  • Lots of people have tried to re-create this performance. There is¬†no substitute for the original. Sorry, Joe Satriani, Slash, Steve Vai, Edge, and and all you other electric guitar virtuoso-type people. As much as I love your own music and appreciate your renditions of ” The Star-Spangled Banner,” you haven’t touched this. Even Stevie Ray Vaughan never touched it.
  • If you pay attention, you can hear him playing “Taps” ¬†at about 2:45. You’d better believe the crowd noticed that in 1969.



The Day That Got Away


Allman Brothers:

I took the day today, expecting to get blogging done through next Wednesday, catch up on my comment threads, visit a few friends’¬† blogs, and tweet a bit. Sadly, life happened. It was nothing bad or dramatic, fortunately. A lot of small, unforseen things conspired to force me to run the roads all day, and I’m just pausing long enough to update the blog before I get back to it.

No worries, though. Academic summer is upon us, and that means more time to blog for me. I’ll catch up soon and get back to being marvelous.

We actually have a Batman post for this week. I’m thinking I’ll run it tomorrow if I can find time to load it, and I’m considering posting a discussion thread over the weekend to regroup and figure out how to get our Feminist Fridays rolling again.