Almost done.

so, less than 2 hours left on this Indiegogo campaign to raise post-production money for Rolling with Kings. We are above $4K.

Considering where we were a week ago, I would say all the talking about it we’ve done over the last week was a good idea.

Our campaign for Rolling with Kings is down to 12 hours.

This is the trailer for my friend Sam’s documentary, Rolling with Kings.

With 12 hours left on his Indiegogo fundraising campaign, this is my last chance to do him any good by blogging about his movie. If you like Elvis, or Mardi Gras, or just helping struggling indie filmmakers, please check it out and pass it along to anyone else who might be interested.

Our Thunderclap posted. Now I share this link for two days.


Our Thunderclap posted a few minutes ago with 112 supporters, which means it was Tweeted and posted to a lot more than 112 Facebook and Tumblr accounts.

I am spending the next two days sharing this link to Sam’s Indiegogo page, because he gets to keep anything we can raise for him between now and then. You can view the trailer for Rolling with Kings at the link. But not to worry, I have regular posts lined up, too.

It was not easy to get 112 supporters for this in 8 days, and I will have a lot to say about how we went about it and what we learned, eventually.

A big thanks to all our supporters.

This video may not be suitable for young audiences

I never played Mercenaries 2, so I don’t know how it stacks up as a game, but the commercials that ran incessantly when it was released are a landmark in game marketing history. “Oh No You Didn’t” is one of the best video game themes I’ve ever heard. The peculiar contrast of feel-good music with violent lyrics is like candy.

I like this video. It takes four or five shots and moves them from storyboard through test animation to the layer breakdown, and ends with final renderings.

Our Thunderclap is going great, btw. We were up to 71 supporters last time I looked, and we have more than a day to find the remaining 29.