Open Thread 4

As always, feel free to ask me questions, comment on our blogging here, or share things about your week. Anything is fair game, as long as it’s not mean.

I picked up a real phone today. A smart one. I’ve been using a prepaid analog phone for the last 5 years because I was underemployed for most of 2011-13 and rarely use a voice phone unless I am in the office. I have a good job now. I put this off as long as I could, trying to get caught up (it takes a while to recover from a long period of underemployment), but I decided it was time to have unlimited text and be able to browse the Internet whenever I feel like it.

What’ s going on with you today?

Open Thread 3

I had a hectic, non-stop week with the offline life, and I am pretty much wiped. I survived it, though, and it wasn’t a bad week. Just a busy one.

What’s up?

(A couple of housekeeping notes after the jump.)

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Open Thread 2


What’s up? Seen anything on the Internet worth sharing this week?

I’m starting to get pumped for the new season of Doctor Who myself, and I’m hoping Peter Capaldi brings it.

Here’s a very nice teaser trailer:

As always with these open threads, anything’s fair game as long as it’s nice. So discuss blogging, talk about your week, exchange chess strategies, share links, or whatever.

I’ll not be around an awful lot this evening, but will be checking in as I’m able.

Open Thread 1

I post these threads on Friday afternoons to give people a chance to just chatter without having to comment on a post. I’m happy to answer questions, read suggestions about our blogs, or chit-chat about pretty much any topic.

I always include a question in case no one can think of anything much to say. Answering the question is optional, but if three other people answer it, I answer it on the thread myself.

Here’s my question for today. Bloggers love to do regular features. What’s your favorite feature on the blogs you read regularly? It’s ok to name a few if you can’t pick just one.

– I’ve given this one a real number because they’ve been good so far, so I think it’s safe to go ahead and call this a thing.