The Grand Announcement

I missed this last week because I was busy keeping the Monster fed while Diana was in Vegas, and things going in in my state forced me to do two months’ worth of political blogging in the space of five days. Therefore I Geek is a mighty fine blog, and I wish them well on their podcasting enterprise. Their first cast is on Tuesday, and I am eager to hear what they have to say.

Therefore I Geek


Today Therefore I Geek is very pleased to announce that starting on Tuesday, March 18th we will be releasing the first episode of Random Thought Generator, a biweekly podcast dedicated to all aspects of geek culture and whatever random thoughts pop into our heads. We have been working on this for some time now and are extremely excited. Initially the podcast will be available here, at Therefore I Geek, while we work through the iTunes Store approval process, but we will keep you up to date with our progress. Just seven short days until our first episode goes live so stay tuned!

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Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Therefore I Geek:  When I nominated you for this award back in December, I was the sole contributor to Sourcerer. I was mostly blogging videos here and doing my writing at Part Time Monster to try and keep both blogs posting every day.

I nominated you because I wanted to include some geeks. I had no idea how people felt about these awards, this being my first, and you seemed nice. I wanted to give it to some good blogs that weren’t getting enough attention in the hope that a friend or two would give them a look. I am reblogging it because I approve of your nominations. You chose well, and apparently, so did I 🙂

Therefore I Geek


We were very excited to be nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award by Gene at The Sourcerer, and since it’s the first time we’ve had any acceptance into the blogging community, it has taken me a little while to calm down and compose my thoughts.  This time around I’ll post some facts about myself and maybe next time I’ll let Tracy have all the fun share my misery. 😉

  1. I spent four and half years at a military college and then have worked for the Navy for the last six.
  2. I have a bad habit of collecting stuff.  I use to collect card games and have sixteen 800 count, full card boxes still sitting in a dresser drawer. Now I collect comics, and they don’t fit in a dresser drawer.
  3. My sister and I look so little alike that when she lived with me for six months people thought…

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Review: Army of Darkness

– Because everything’s better with Bruce Campbell.

Therefore I Geek


All right you primitive screw heads, listen up.  We’re reviewing Army of Darkness.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Army of Darkness, let’s get you up to speed real quick.  Army of Darkness is the third and best installment of the Evil Dead series.  Ash, played by Bruce Campbell, lived a pretty good life, working in housewares at S-mart (“Shop smart, shop S-mart”), until he and his girlfriend Linda went to a cabin in the woods for the weekend.  Unluckily for them, the cabin was being used by an archaeologist who was trying to translate the Necronomicon.  The happy couple then accidentally released some evil spirit into the world.  It possessed Linda and Ash’s hand forcing Ash to kill his girlfriend and cut off his own hand with a chainsaw. Eventually Ash gets sucked into a portal and thrown back into the year 1300, which is…

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A.M. Roundup

I’m going to start doing a few of these, and not on any particular schedule. They’ll be three to five links to other blogs. Sometimes they’ll be themed. This one is a random selection from blogs I visit frequently.

Part Time Monster contributor Lyn has one of the best-illustrated award acceptance posts I’ve seen yet at Lazy Lady, and a few Awesome Blog Content and Sunshine nominations.

Therefore I Geek discusses movies and t.v. shows that have influenced them.

OpinionatedMan has some opinionated thoughts on the blogger-audience relationship.