6 thoughts on “RECAP: FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, S01E06, “The Good Man”

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  2. I’m excited. And more excited about your response to Gina up there.

    Saturdays are the new Wednesday for this blog. I’m doing a late coffee post as soon as I finish this comment, then a post for Monday.

    I’ll not let the blog go Sunday-to-Friday without an update again while you’re posting here, my friend.

    Three of the four things that have been stressing me out so badly I’ve been coming home and curling up in the fetal position since mid-August are now resolved. (Two of them were work-related money things, if that helps).

    Time to get the posting frequency and the activity level back up here.

    Will take a few days, but by the end of this week, I’ll be back to answering every comment and publishing stuff here.

    Thanks for sticking in.

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    • Anytime, dude. You’re aware of my own level of nonsense; had that not been so substantial I’d have been posting on Wednesdays too. As it is I’ve been posting filler over at my place. Here’s to the back half of October being better than the first! 🙂


  3. Seriously, would all hell have broken loose and there have been as many casualties if Daniel hadn’t come up with that “plan”? They were already out of the one set of gates, certainly there could have been another way.

    I now wait to hear what you have to say about TWD last night…because I have mixed feelings for sure.


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