1 thought on “RECAP: FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, S01E04, “Not Fade Away”

  1. This probably should have gone in the recap, but I was tired and stressed out last night and wanted to be finished, so: this episode is taking a LOT of crap for being light on action. There’s not a single zombie in it anywhere, much less a messy shotgun-decapitation like we got last episode.

    The folks complaining are dummyheads. There MIGHT be some room to criticize the show for what seems to be another “we think we’re safe but we’re not” scenario, which TWD has done a million times, but hey: zombie apocalypse. That’s kinda how it works now, and safety is temporary. There’s *also* a lot of room for the show to set up a completely different dynamic in how people live and survive than TWD does, and we aren’t going to know what direction the show’s headed in until the season’s over. I really like the fact that we *don’t know* what’s coming here, and if you can’t handle the fact that there aren’t enough head-bashings four episodes in you need to recalibrate your expectations for this program. It’s not TWD. That’s on purpose.

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