From the Instigator-in-Chief: I am not Myself These Days

I’m shaking things up a bit. For the next little while, I’ll be posting some personal-ish stuff when we don’t have anything else going. I figure doing that gets us more than we get from me posting a status update on Facebook, and we’ve got the space. I haven’t known whether I’ve been coming or going for the last ten or so days.

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I won’t run down the laundry list of problems I’ve dealt with in the last little while. I’m not convinced anyone wants to read that stuff on a blog — that seems to be what Facebook is for — and everybody’s got problems. Tl;dr version: the activity level here has suffered from my lack of attention, and I’m doing my best to ramp it back up, starting today.

What that means is I’m redirecting most of my Facebook time to the blog. My jaunt into Facebook over the last 10 months was about giving that network an honest chance and exploring its potential for growth. I won’t say it has NO potential, but I will say that I’ve failed to make it work, and failed at the expense of the blogging. So done with it for now.


I’ll still check in on FB and keep up with my Facebook friends. Post a few status updates a week and share a link or three now and then. But as far as blogging on Facebook goes, I’m done. If you want to keep up with Gene’O though this last quarter of the year, best be reading this blog.

And it’s almost planning time. World Domination season is upon us once more. Time to start talking about what we’re doing in 2016 on the blog, and about how to make more lovely friends 🙂


We’ll see how it goes. Might not work at all. But since the Facebook thing is no longer working, and this blog needs WAY more content than I’m able to wrangle out of other people just now, well. I’ll just have to produce it myself.

This is a really great thing about Facebook and Twitter: If I spend the next twelve months doing nothing but pay attention to blogs, FB and Twitter will be right where I left them when I decide to go back. The blog works differently. It will run down if I don’t keep it up.

I’m not letting this blog run down. I’ve invested too much into it, and really. Without the blog, there’s no point to the rest.

Brace yourself! Gene’O is coming.

4 thoughts on “From the Instigator-in-Chief: I am not Myself These Days

  1. I’m finding I like blogging more than Facebook in general, though I have some audiences on each that will never be able to overlap. I’m willing to cut down on FB to have the better conversations and such here (and the pacing is better too, not so frantic IMO)

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    • Yeah. Blogs FTW!, is my attitude right at the moment.

      I’m looking for a way off of Facebook that doesn’t involve me just leaving and letting people who are keeping up with me there wonder where I went.

      A blog, run correctly, can feel like you are sailing a ship.

      Facebook, as far as I can tell, mostly feels like one of the those merry-go-rounds that everyone is putting energy into making it spin faster and faster until someone throws up and the rest of the crowd gets to have a good laugh. If that makes any sense.

      I’m much happier pacing back and forth on a quarterdeck and occasionally saying “Mr. Worf . . . FIRE.” Than I am spinning the merry-go-round just to see how fast it can go.


  2. Wherever your energy ends up going, I’m sure you’ll kill it! ^-^ It’s been strange not getting all the updates on Facebook from you lately, even though I know that it’s intentional. I’ll be here, or there, but probably not on Twitter as much as I want to be… I’ll have to find my influencers on WordPress or through people that reach out, because Twitter is a huge time suck for me and doesn’t work due to a few personal factors in my personality. But, to each their own!


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