9 thoughts on “RECAP: FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, S01E02, “So Close, Yet So Far”

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  2. The fact that the show seems oblivious that they are playing into the “kill all the black characters” stereotype is concerning. Do these people not pay attention to Twitter when these shows are on?

    I’m still really annoyed that no one is telling Alicia what’s going on. You want her to stay, to leave her boyfriend to die, yet you don’t tell her? She is apparently smart enough and mature enough to teach Travis’ class when he doesn’t show up for work but you can’t tell her what is going to be painfully obvious real soon?

    And the unanswered questions about the struggle that Matt had with a zombie and the conclusions that the characters are somehow rightly jumping to make me think the writers are more concerned with getting to the killing of the zombies rather than really show how this whole thing evolved. Which according to Twitter is what the fans want anyways. During the first episode Twitter was all “This is boring. Too much talking. I wanna see zombies being killed.” Oh, Twitter. You’re so cute.

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    • Here’s the thing about telling Alicia: I’m willing to allow it for this episode, and SPECIFICALLY to this character. There’s been very little withholding of information for anyone else. Alicia’s the youngest daughter, and VERY CLEARLY has been the one who reacted to Nick’s drug abuse and problem-childedness by becoming the model daughter. I think that part of the reason no one has told her yet is that she’ll *do what she’s told to do without it,* and you can imagine that this is kind of a hard conversation to have.

      Also, Travis isn’t with her for the majority of the episode, and Mom has not only just watched her son run over his best friend twice, she just *killed her boss.* She’s still processing everything herself, and I don’t see her being super comfortable explaining to her teenage daughter that she just beat her principal’s head in with a fire extinguisher. Plus, is she really going to believe it? The only thing Alicia has seen so far is the video of the cops shooting that guy; she’s the only one in the family who hasn’t seen a zombie yet, until those last couple of minutes. Now, if the next episode doesn’t start with her being filled in or jumps ahead to a point where she clearly HAS, we have a problem. But the way they’ve set these characters up, I think it makes sense right now.

      I originally had this in the post and deleted it for space, by the way, so thanks for letting me add it back in with the very first comment. 🙂

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    • Also worth pointing out: I don’t think she realizes at the time that she’s leaving her boyfriend to die. Everyone else in the scene seems to, but she’s not got enough information to jump to that conclusion yet.

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  3. I missed this episode while on vacation. It will probably run again before the new one on Sunday. I’m enjoying your comments enough to stick with the show. The comments for the first ep were spot on.

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  4. I’ve not caught more than the first 15 minutes of the premiere yet, but I’m really wanting to keep up with this one. I liked what I saw. Just haven’t been able to manage a time when the kid is asleep AND I’m not either exhausted or trying to keep the blogging far enough ahead to get through September without missing too many days.

    The kid MUST be asleep. There’s no sending him in his room or outside to play and watching something like this, because even when he’s not watching a show himself, he’s always wandering about doing this and that. And he LOVES some zombies.


  5. Ok, I am commenting before reading past the first paragraph, but YES. To all of that. We went from flu and random zombie sightings to full on infestation? Yeah, I guess in reality that may be how it happens but this makes me feel like I missed an episode or two. Even in episode 1, they had people planning to leave town… How did they know?

    I am on Twitter break for a while, but I will ask here what occurred to me last week : they kept saying get whoever and we’ll go to the desert… Is that code for a fallout shelter? Area 52? Or just camping out? Because, anarchy in the city or not, I would rather have walls around me than a tent.


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