This is Sure to Interest Someone

I drew a blank on the weekend music last night, so have a Doctor Who Series 9 trailer instead. I’m not sure how excited I am about this season yet. Certainly not as stoked as I have been in anticipation of previous seasons. But I remain a fan, oh yes I do.

What made me think of the trailer was a conversation I had with Hannah, L.M., and Robin earlier this week about Hayley Atwell wanting to play Doctor Who and that turned out interesting, to say the least. Happy to discuss that further on the thread here if anyone’s interested in playing.

Happy Weekend!

6 thoughts on “This is Sure to Interest Someone

  1. Still have never watched an episode…. Buuut, I have a month, basically, all of December, where I am going to be alone at home. Might be time for the most epic binge watch of all binge watches. 😛


    • Could be a good binge watch. Four or five episodes is probably enough to tell if it’s worthwhile for you. It’s one of those people either love or don’t. The acting & casting is generally good, but the production and writing are really uneven from producer to producer.

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  2. Can’t believe that conversation was three weeks ago. New schedule has me so messed up. >.<

    Re: The trailer. I was interested until the dialogue started. I love Capaldi, I love him, but like he says… It's more of the "same old, same old" stupid dialogue. So now I'm already frustrated with the season and it hasn't even started yet.


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