Tuesday Chatter: Promote Thyself!

No writerly post today, so you’re invited to share a link to your blog, or to a blog you like

arrr, Mateys!

arrr, Mateys!

(or both, but no more than one of each) on the thread.

Bonus round: I’ll check in here this evening, look at any links that are shared while I’m working today, and think about featuring one or more of them in the post here on Thursday.

Have a great day!

52 thoughts on “Tuesday Chatter: Promote Thyself!

  1. I thought this post might be about some tips on self-promotion. I’m always interested in marketing and promoting so today’s mission is also good.

    Hope to get more visitors on my Battle of the Bands posts which have been pretty popular for about 2 years now. Come vote on my current Battle at http://tossingitout.blogspot.com/2015/08/bo-dang-buck-botb-vacation-version.html

    Battles happen on the 1st and 15th of each month.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

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    • Great idea, that! I’ll have to check it out.

      I’m also interested in marketing & promoting, but mostly just figuring it out as I go along.


  2. Hi there! Cheers Gene’O for the opportunity to share.

    AddAltMode is a joint husband and wife geek blog. We write about books, film, gaming, music and what we call “geek life” as well as sharing progress with the various projects in cosplay and 3D printing / toy customisation that do. We’re heavily into Transformers and robots in general but do talk about other things too.

    We’re a fairly new blog (8 months old & just hit our 100th post) so if any of the above sounds like your sort of thing please do stop by: https://addaltmode.wordpress.com/

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  4. Hey. Love the sharing. I’d like to promote my blog which is all a bit random. At the moment I’m also sharing and promoting other blogs. I hope by sharing that post here doesn’t make the universe implode lol


  5. Ill try that again. I’m Atthys Gage. I’ve written some books. My blog is called Speak More Light. It’s about writing and reveals to the world everything I don’t know about book marketing. Check it out.
    I’ll check out some of your blogs if you do likewise. Hmm. I guess we’ll have to use the honor system here.

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    • If you lost a comment, it might have got sent to the spam folder. I’ll check once I’m done answering the thread. Thanks for stopping by & joining in!


    • I do a bit of photography myself, but I’ve been off the photoblogging since April or May. Love me some photos, though! I’ll check yours out.


  6. As fate would have it, today I published 5 blog posts (it was a multi-part series) defending Olly on Game of Thrones for [REDACTED]. I’ll just leave a link to the blog, rather than to each of the 5. Thanks for providing the sharing forum:


    (I probably should have thought of a groovy Game of Thrones themed name for my blog.)

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  7. Thanks to everyone for playing. I’m giving this about another hour or so, then answering the thread, and when that’s done, the links that got in before I answered the comments will be the ones I pick from for the Thursday post.

    Will start all that at around 7 pm ET.


  8. All right, I am a little late here, and keep sharing if you like, but the Tuesday shares are the ones that get considered for inclusion in the Thursday post, and Tuesday is done, done, done.


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