La Cegua: Shifter Woman with Many Names

I didn’t have time to write anything yesterday, and it’s shaping up to be a monstrous Monday. So have a Monster Monday by Robin Rivera. Comments are closed here to encourage discussion on the original post.

Part Time Monster

monstermondaylogoCareening home on a dark and lonely road, a man pauses. His head is ringing from the drink and debauchery of his hours spent in the cantina. His wife and family wait for him, but he is not ready to return home. He glimpses a woman by the pond, and he creeps through the underbrush for a closer look. The young woman has just finished bathing and is combing her long hair. Silently the man approaches her. They are alone, far from the ears of others. She is easy prey.

Or is she?

Leering with his intentions, he lunges. His hands wrap cruelly around her flesh and he pulls her close. When she turns to fight him off, her hair slides back and reveals not the face of a frightened woman, but a monster. The body that looked so shapely and young moments before is now a ruin. Her breasts…

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