Weekend Coffee Share: In Which My Motivation Fails

If we were having coffee, it would be Sunday afternoon coffee and I would not be as put-together as I usually am. I’d have three days’ worth of stubble on my neck and untrimmed eyebrows. I’d tell you that I had a pretty good week last week, but spent most of my time working the paying job. We also had a good week on the blog, thanks to help from Hannah, Melissa, and Natacha, and to a couple of Reddit shares last weekend from my friend Serins.


I’d tell you I’d hoped to continue the conversation about Reddit and StumbleUpon we started last Sunday, share some stats, and build on a couple of things I said last week, but that’s just not happening. I spent most of Saturday flat on my back for no particular reason. I’m not sick and my week was taxing, but I don’t feel exhausted. I simply did not get up off the couch until after 3 pm.

I sat down to write a Weekend Coffee Share/Social Media Sunday post yesterday afternoon, and just couldn’t get it to work the way I wanted it to. I ended up cooking dinner for the family instead, and when I was done with that I just puttered about on Facebook and Twitter for awhile and then went to bed.

I woke up today at 8 or 9, but stayed in bed until 12:30. Again, no particular reason. I just didn’t feel like getting up. So I’m sitting here writing a post that should have published at 7 am, and it’s not the one I wanted to publish today.

I’d tell you I’ve known for years that my depression runs in cycles. It’s not entirely unheard-of for me to have a bout of it in the spring and summer. But mostly it hits me in the fall and winter — it’s almost guaranteed. These last couple of years, it hasn’t been so bad, because the summers have been good, I’ve been learning a new job (you do know it takes two years to master a new job, right?), and I’ve had the blogs to keep me occupied.

This year, I had an absolutely horrific summer, so I’ve not had a lot of recharge time. The job is mostly routine now aside from occasional surprises. And I have a feel for the rhythm of the blog now, too, so there’s less to learn and less to gain from obsessively minding the stats and such. So, I am afraid the depression is going to be bad this year, and the fact that I’ve spent so much time lying around this weekend is not the best sign. I’m hoping it just means I’ve been more tired than I care to admit, and needed some downtime.

And I’d tell you, if we were having coffee, that aside from a Wedensday comics post from Diana (YAY, right?), I don’t know what we’re doing on the blog this week. I’m just sitting here thinking about that now. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays will be easy — all they require are a discussion prompt, a post promoting another blog, and a music video. Monday, I’m not sure about. Possibly the social media thing I’d intended to do today.

I post the social media stuff on Sundays because they do just as well on Sundays as they do during the week, and they get me a post for #SundayBlogShare. They don’t do poorly during the week — it just doesn’t get us anything extra to use a weekday slot for them. So Maybe I’ll just do that and get the blog scheduled through Friday. It’s a rare week that this blog isn’t scheduled five days in advance by 3 or 4 pm on Sunday afternoon.weekendcoffeeshare_2015

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you school starts next week. The week after, my office reopens to the public for nine hours a day, and I’m back to overseeing 15 people who provide tutoring services for 35 to 50 clients a day. I’m into the part of the year where I have to do the pubic speaking and iron out the wrinkles and put out the occasional fire.

It’s a rewarding job and I love it — I never have to wonder if what I’m doing for a living matters because it absolutely does. But it’s hectic and requires me to be on my game at all times. Aside from Labor Day, I don’t get anything like a real breather until things settle down around the first week of October, and I still haven’t really adjusted to the commute.

And I’d say that’s about all I’ve got for today. How’s your weekend going?

You still have time to get into the linkup at Part Time Monster, and don’t forget to share your coffee post with #WeekendCoffeeShare on Twitter.

18 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: In Which My Motivation Fails

  1. If we were having coffee, I’d find the most comfortable part of your couch and go snuggle into it and hope no one thinks my behavior is weird. I was thinking of writing one of these, but will just give it a pass. I’m not up for coffee I’m drinking Rooiboos and Chamomile tee cause it helps settle the nerves and calms one down. It is nearly 8pm here anyways, so I may just call it a day. (hugs)


  2. I feel like this years depression cycles have been/are looking to be pretty bad for a lot of people… today I realized that I need to pay some very close attention to my own because it may be time to take some steps in handling/managing it that I haven’t had to do in a number of years. Ugh.
    I hope you can make the most of the Labor Day breather — I’d tell you I’ve become increasingly glad that I locked in plans to take that entire week off (our school year doesn’t start until the very end of September, so the coming month is normally pretty dead at work, thank goodness) to go somewhere that has always been a very special and rejuvenating place for me because if I hadn’t I really don’t know how I’d manage this year.
    Sending hugs~

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    • This seems to be a very huggy day. Hugs right back.

      And yes. The depression situation is shaping up to be bad this year. I’m considering going for medication myself, and I almost never do that.

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  3. If we were having coffee, I’d mostly listen. I’ve never struggled with depression’s black dog, but know those who have. It takes determination and optimism to make it through, and these are the very things it saps. It also takes a support group. I hope you are surrounded my those who care. Be well.

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    • Oh yeah. Got a good group of people who care surrounding me.

      And we have a rule around this place. Whatever happens. However bad it gets. Whatever blow life or the internet deals us, we get back up.

      Just that simple. Get back up and try it again.


  4. I do not miss returning to school, not even a little bit. Semester schedules are pleasant only when you’re on break, really.

    I spent most of July doing something like this, and it was good that I rested but bad that I wallowed a bit more than necessary, because I’ve needed most of August to dig my way out. But, you know, holler if you need me and whatnot.

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  5. Well, if you feel like lying in and not writing, then so be it. When you feel you have to write a post and it feels like a chore, it takes out the magic of creating something new. I do feel similar at times.. and I dont write. I know it will be useless.

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    • Yup. That’s about the shape of it. One of the rules we have with this blog is “when it ain’t fun any more, best stop doing it and move on,” or somesuch. Not quite there yet. But this was definitely a weekend in which i did not do the chores. 🙂

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  6. I’m sure we can find some ways for blogging to be new and interesting for you! And you know you can message me anytime you want to chat. Often one hand and my phone is all I have access to, the Geek Baby claiming the rest of me!

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    • LOL, yes, this. Perptutually running around with the phone in one hand, trying to communicate with just my thumb. And The Kid gets a lot of my time. He requires lots of head-rubs (is a thing we do) and appropriate kisses and stuff. 12 significant & appropriate touches that say I love you, every day. That is what the social sciences say we can get by with. 11 is too few.

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