Weekend Music: The Battle of New Orleans

This one’s just for fun. The video quality is not the best, but it serves.

I mentioned earlier this week that I’m working on a guest post for my friend Hannah’s blog, Things Matter. The video is a large hint as to what that post is about, and keep in mind, Things Matter is, among other things, a history blog. So probably not about folk songs played by country bands.

Happy Weekend! Natacha‘s in the house with a #StarWars Saturday for you tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Weekend Music: The Battle of New Orleans

  1. So, not only do I have the original by Johnny Horton on my ipod, but I also have “Sink the Bismark” LOL 😀 One of the few country artists I will admit to having songs from voluntarily.

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    • Those guys were a thing in the 70s and early 80s. Were well-connected and made a huge album with 50 famous musicians or more.

      It’s not the best version, just the one I picked for today. I also find it cracked up-worthy.

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  2. i’m putting this here just for posterity. That white Stratocaster is too much.

    A more perfect combination of ugly instrument with sweet sound I have never encountered. That thing is hideous. But, um. The sound is all that matters with one of those.


    • Thanks very much! We don’t often pass the awards along, but I, personally, always say thank you 🙂 Getting an award is like getting a big ol’ hug from another blogger.

      Just looked at your blog. The theme is nice, and I like what you’re doing with the top menu. Love that Pixar post, and am so happy to see the Tolkien appreciation going on over there. Yes. That is exactly what friends do. When you fall, they catch you, carry you, help you get back up.

      We have a rule around this place. We ALWAYS get back up. And no, never convenient to be there, but when a friend needs you, well. You know how that is.

      I am intrigued by you. You’ve showed up out of nowhere and nominated us for a Sunshine Award.

      I’m curious to know how you found us and why you like us enough to nominate us for an award. Honest question. So many ways you could have found this blog. There’s the Twitter, the Facebook, the random scanning of WordPress tags hoping to make a solid connection (that’s what I did in the beginning), mutual friends, tracking us down from comments I leave sometimes on blogs like Not a Punk Rocker and Nerd in the Brain and the Speech Bubble and Comparative Geeks. There’s personal recommendations.

      Rabbit holes all over the internet lead to this blog. Which rabbit hole did you fall down?

      Help a guy out, please? I’m trying to better understand how the internet works.

      This award nomination is like a breath of fresh air!

      Happy to chat more, if you like.


      • Heh, glad I spread some sunshine your way! 😉 Also, thanks for poking around my blog! 🙂

        As for your question, let’s see… hmmm… how DID I stumble onto Sourcerer? As memory serves – and my memory can be notoriously faulty at times, fyi – I believe I had just posted something on my blog, I forget what, and I was curious about some related content. “See what others are saying about (insert tag),” that sort of thing. At least, I think that was it. And, well, I liked what I saw and read here, so I started following. 🙂

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