And Now For Something Completely Different


Your weekend music. I don’t blog a lot of pure pop here, so no idea how this plays. I find the video hilarious.

I’d intended to use this to prompt a well-laid-out discussion about the changing behavior of television viewers, which is important to this blog because we publish a lot of tv-related content. Didn’t get the post I wanted to write done, so here’s the shorter, simpler version.

People are watching television on demand now more than sitting down and watching episodes when they air. I think this is true even of people who get their tv from a cable provider rather than from places like Netflix or Hulu. I don’t have data to back this up; it’s just what I think.

That means, as time goes on, individual episode reviews are going to get us less and less, and posting them the day after an episode airs is also going to get us less and less.

Throw in the fact that Netflix is dumping entire seasons onto the internet at once, and we have both a scheduling issue, and an issue with the way we’ve been structuring the tv reviews. We have a little time to think about this — plenty of people are still looking for “just-after” reviews at the moment, but I’d like to get ahead of this.

So, bloggers and tv viewers. What’s the best way to blog a series that’s delivered all-at-once for an audience that’s watching at their own pace, and whenever they have time?

And what are you willing to share with us about your own tv viewing habits?