20 thoughts on “In which I am judgmental: Reviewing SDCC’s movie trailers

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  2. No disagreements yet? Let’s see if I have any! Let’s see…

    Superman: The Dark Knight Returns – While I might disagree with you on the Nolanverse, that’s not really the point. The point is… it feels like they’re running their stories backwards with this, and having Superman be the Batman origin story, while new and different, also feels weird. Or, ya know, like Watchmen.

    Suicide Squad – see my comment above re: doing it backwards. They’re introducing all of these villains all at once in one movie. Do we not know/care who most of them are? Yes. Did the trailer help with that? No. Will the movie pull it off? Also probably no.

    Deadpool – I don’t know that I see many R-rated movie trailers that are themselves that R-rated. That said, this one was probably fully intended for Comic Con only and not for a pre-movie viewing… Having read some graphically violent R-rated Deadpool stuff, I’m glad they’re focusing not just on that but on the pop-culture references and fast-talking. Which all apparently just includes profanity. Will the movie be too much of all of those things? Possibly. That might be the point?

    Fantastic Four – I am also not much of a fan of Marvel’s First Family, but I like them well enough. The first couple of movies made me sad like many fans, and one of the biggest things for me is the Reed Richards casting. I’m honestly not sure this one looks any better for that. It does seem closer to Ultimate FF… and in the Ultimate version, Reed ends up a villain. Now THAT could get interesting!

    So far of these, I’m not sure I’ll end up seeing them in theaters. Any of them. I just don’t know that they’ve excited me enough to run out as a comics fan and see them. Which doesn’t have me too far off from your review, so… I guess not much argument here?

    Star Wars – ’nuff said.

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    • I got less of an origin story and more of an “out of retirement” vibe for Batman. Then again, they were talking about him like they’d never heard of him before, so… hell, you may be right. Interesting.

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      • The “out of retirement” vibe would be the correct vibe (for it to be The Dark Knight Returns, which so clearly seems like their source material). But yeah, I’m not sure that’s what it sounded like there.

        Plus we now have a movie ‘verse with that young-seeming Jared Leto Joker, and the oldman Batfleck. Who have possibly never faced each other before? Except the Suicide Squad trailer had people in Batman costumes. So maybe I’m just overall confused. Again: they’re doing it backwards!


  3. I am still undecided about Fantastic Four, less dreadful about B v S, thrilled about Deadpool (surprise, surprise) and anxious to see what comes out next for Suicide Squad.

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  4. I know nothing about Suicide Squad, wish you hadn’t had to nix the Deadpool video, and agree with everything you’ve said here about portrayals of the Joker. Also that the Thing needs pants. The Force Awakens is giving me the squeals at this point, and I am not ashamed to admit it.

    “Ninja Punchy Man Dressed Like a Bat” is such an awesome way to sum up The Bale. It nearly made me spew liquid out my nose. Might have been beer last night when I was tagging the post, might have been coffee this morning when I checked to make sure the scheduler didn’t have a hiccup. I’m not saying which, because then you’d know something about how closely I read your posts before they publish. 😉


  5. I feel like, for DC movies at least, I have to hope and go with it or not care at all. I still care (in spite of some of their best attempts to make me indifferent) because I think they’re still trying to do interesting stuff. If I had to pick one hope for the DC universe, it would be that the Superman movies are setting up a Justice Lords universe, not the main DC-verse.

    I wasn’t so choked up by Star Wars (though I did get misty eyed due to an earlier trailer: “We’re home, Chewie.”), but I do like that they’re using actual sets and deserts. It feels like the video should be titled, “Take THAT, George Lucas.”


  6. BvS: looks pretty and yay Wonder Woman! Jesse Eisenberg’s character did not read as Lex Luthor to me at all.
    Suicide Squad: I am a huge Harley Quinn fan, and I think they got the crazy right, but couldn’t she put on some pants or something? Waller looks great, too. Still worried that having so many “new” characters will be a train wreck.
    Deadpool: Didn’t see it, but response sounded positive, so, cool.
    Fantastic Four: This somehow made me neither more nor less excited to see the movie. I like that it looks sci-fi?
    Star Wars: ❤


      • Yes I think so, and maybe also in the white suit at 2:03? I also have no idea what they will be doing in this movie. There’s no context for her in the battle scenes either. I inferred that she’s fighting Supes, but who knows.


  7. I am still nervous about the Deadpool movie, but I am excited for FF (I’ve also never been a fan of the series)…. I’m more excited for the new Batman VS. Superman because the new trailer teased Justice League beginnings, which makes me happy, as it’s about the only thing from DC I’ve ever been interested in. (And I might be interested in more, if they weren’t so expensive as a brand. Yikes.) Suicide Squad was a total turn off for me… but that’s because I’m getting a bit tired of the gritty superhero trend going on. There is a wider range of emotions in the human heart than violence/anger/mope/foreveralone, and I really wish a film/TV adaptation wouldn’t be afraid to try it. We get it a bit with Flash, but it’s a bit hokey at times, and I would have liked to see a bit more thoughtful character development.


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