From the Instigator-in-Chief . . .

I addressed readers directly often during the first year this blog was posting. I’ve done that less and less as our contributor base has grown, because one of my goals for this year was to make Sourcerer a seamless pop culture blog. Since I’ve been scarce around here for the last month, we’ve missed some days, and we’ve had no afternoon photos since May, here’s a quick run-down so you’ll know what to expect from me, and from this blog, through the fall.

Arrr, mateys!

Arrr, mateys!

The main thing you can expect is more written posts from me, and more personal engagement on the comment threads. The blog has suffered from my absence this month, and that’s not surprising. I’ve seen it happen before both here and at Part Time Monster. It’s not a cause for concern — periodic absences are a part of blogging, and I’m sure we’ll do better once I’m able to give the blog more attention.

  • July 4 is a week away. That’s my target date for the slowdown. Doesn’t mean we’re going away, and it’s my goal to update this blog daily year-round, but our schedule during the second half of the year is lighter, and includes more photoblogging, video posts, and reblogs.
  • Our Silly Rabbit (Monday) and Penny Dreadful (Tuesday) features will finish their runs in the next few weeks. I’m not sure what we’ll do on those days during late July and early August. We’ll continue to have an interview on the first Monday of every month, and I’m considering increasing the frequency of those, because they’re fun and popular.
  • Comics on Wednesdays is still the top priority.
  • Throwback Thursdays will continue until I run out of Tolkien posts, so at least through mid-August.
  • We’ve moved the Weekend Music back to Fridays. On weeks when we don’t have anything else to post on Saturdays, Weekend Music will run on Saturday mornings and Friday will be an off-day.
  • Star Wars Saturdays, our newest feature, are as high on my list of priorities as comics. I’d like to build this feature into a consistent staple here and write a few of them myself, but that will take some time, and we may miss a few weekends in the next month or two.
  • Sundays, typically, are either an off day or the day I post social media-oriented things like quarterly stats, Twitter geekery, etc.

sourcerer_imageWe have space for another contributor or two. I’m not going all-out with recruitment, nor am I particularly concerned about a lack of content. But if you’re interested, read our For Contributors page.

Basically, the way I handle contributions is to have people who want to contribute pitch ideas, then brainstorm and tweak them together until we find something that fits. I’ve accepted everything from one-shot guest posts up to long weekly runs in the past, so frequency isn’t an issue as long as we know you well enough to grant you author access to the dashboard and you have the ability to deliver finished posts which include at least one shareable image.

This is where we are. A big thanks to all the friends and contributors who have kept the content flowing during my recent troubles. Once I’m satisfied that I’ve re-established a sufficient personal presence here, I’m back to Twitter and to a few social blogging activities that fell off my radar in June.

5 thoughts on “From the Instigator-in-Chief . . .

  1. I would not mind a second run of music-related posts. My idea for a second run would be around the idea of music you’re embarrassed/not embarrassed you listen to… which of course would content-wise be posts about the music I don’t mind admitting I listen to! Could be fun for discussion 🙂

    And while I don’t have a content idea yet, my first Star Wars Saturday post was a lot of fun, and I would be willing to write one again at some point 🙂

    But for now… comics! 😀

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    • LOL, we all have a “too embarrassing to let on that I like this stuff” playlist. That could be fun.

      I feel like we’ve not tapped the music here yet. We all love music, it’s just that we haven’t found the right way to talk about it yet, I think. This will never be a music blog. But boy, we sure do love some music.

      Hooray, comics!

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      • Yeah, I don’t know how successful I feel like last year’s series was… but I do know just how fun it was to write! Maybe some shorter type posts, a bit confessional, and see what people have to say after that?

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        • Maybe. I don’t think last year’s sold well at all. But that was a solid series and it was fun to read.

          There’s value in doing things that are fun for those of use who produce this blog, whatever the traffic says.

          But I think you are right about the shorter and especially confessional. Blog readers seem to enjoy confessional. The shorter is mostly about producing the posts with a lot less work — I am looking into the potential of extreme long-form blogging right now. I’m seeing things around the edges which suggest longer gets more shares. But it is too early to pronounce a verdict on that one.

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