9 thoughts on “Silly Rabbit! Cartoons are for Kids! #3

  1. I had a conversation the other day in the pub about this. What I love about He Man and She Ra is that there is always a moral behind every episode, and it is explicitly given at the end.

    They don’t make them like that anymore!

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    • Interesting point, there is value in that… but it’s also clearly intended in those shows. Should every show have moments like that, though? Or should we judge harshly any that doesn’t? I guess that’s what I take away from Rose’s post here 🙂

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      • I don’t see anything wrong with there being a moral message and I did get value out of some of them as a kid, but I’m also aware that the moral segments in 80s cartoons were a marketing scheme, not a public service. I also have to mention that even as a kid I was often going, “this ‘moral’ has very little to do with the episode…” In any case I’m just seeing a lot of folks put down modern cartoons, or any cartoon on the basis of it not having a moral clip or clear “message.” Rather infuriating.

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  2. I think what’s most important is that something is good art & entertaining- and if it’s trying to be educational or teach a moral message, it works best when its subtle. When its preachy and smarmy about it (usually the tactic approved of most by conservative Christian parents) a lot of kids will be turned off or just laugh at it. And while it depends on the age/developmental level, I also think showing that no one is 100% good or evil, and that ethics can be messy and complicated are important things to show.

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    • I think in terms of being educational, a large amount of adult fiction falls in as well. Anything “based on a true story” or with some truthy bits come to mind, as trying to “show us what happened” while also entertaining us – and it being really hard to figure out where that line is! The example that comes to mind is The Da Vinci Code…

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