21 thoughts on “Sourcerer’s Eleven: Questions for Author Melissa Barker-Simpson

  1. Each time I read another of Melissa’s interviews I am blown away by her answers! Thank you for that, and thank you, Melissa, for introducing me to yet another fantastic blog.

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  2. It’s my pleasure, Gina. Sourcerer is a wonderful place to hang out, so I’m sure you’ll love it here 😀 I really enjoy Luther’s sense of humour so it was easy to respond to that. I’m so pleased you enjoyed the interview.

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  3. I would like to add that Melissa has a growing presence at Comparative Geeks, where she will likely have had… (counts on both hands)… 8 guest posts by the time our season of guest posts is over? Who knows where that may lead! 😉

    You can find all her posts on Comparative Geeks at this link: https://comparativegeeks.wordpress.com/author/mbarkersimpson/

    Also: great interview! Time to run off and buy me a book… and done!

    The idea of serialized writing is a great one. For one thing, it’s how comics function (something I really got to thinking about after listening to graphic novelist Kazu Kibuishi talk about his process – he writes non-serialized comics!). But it’s also how a lot of the great classics of science fiction were written – Dune and the Hitchhiker’s Guide come to mind. There are definitely benefits to serialized writing!

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    • It intrigued me as well– I wouldn’t use the word “serialized” for how I’m handling BENEVOLENCE ARCHIVES, but I want to continue alternating short story collections and novellas with the longer stuff, so it interests me a lot.

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      • Using self-publishing, the idea of serialized, and different stories/story lengths as ways of world-building, fan-engaging, and keeping-writing? That all seems like really good stuff!


    • Thank you, David. I have loved contributing at Comparative Geeks. And, Gina – you should definitely head on over because Holly and David have some awesome content. Plus some exciting posts from recent contributors including the exciting Summer of Sandman feature – here’s the most recent of those: https://comparativegeeks.wordpress.com/2015/05/28/summer-of-sandman-favorite-characters-2/

      I’m glad you enjoyed the interview and many thanks for buying the book – I hope you like that too!

      And I agree about the benefits of serialised fiction. It seems to be really popular at the moment – all very Dickensian!

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