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I am moving. Have been in the same place for ten years. You know how things accumulate.

I spent Monday and Tuesday packing. Yesterday I loaded a borrowed truck. Then I attempted to drive the truck out of this town. It broke down in a way that can only be solved by a wrecker followed swiftly by a mechanic.

I hit a deep pothole while heavily-loaded. (Trust me. You don’t want to go yanking the steering wheels of heavily-loaded trucks around very much. They might turn over.)

The part that connects the wheel to the axle gave way, is what happened. (It’s called a ball joint). We thought we had a blowout. There was smoke and stuff.


The truck just stopped. In the middle of what passes for a busy street in this town.

I called a tow truck (and you know that means cash only right?) I had the truck towed to a repair shop I trust (and you know that means you don’t get the vehicle back until you pay in some way, but thank goodness mechanics take post-dated checks from upstanding citizens, right?)

My son-in-law and me directed traffic for an hour-and-a-half while the one person we know who has the towing equipment to handle a fully-loaded one-ton moving truck finished the run he was doing when we called and came to tow our property to a safe place. Police never showed up and we took photos so we can file a pothole claim and get some of the damages reimbursed.

If you are wondering why we didn’t just call the police and file a report, here is why. For a lot of reasons, we do not call the police for something like this. Where I live, we pretty much only call the police if there’s real violence going down and we feel so unsafe we have no other alternative. We know how to direct traffic, and we know how to file claims without police reports.

My property is locked up in the back of a moving truck, sitting in a repair shop right now. I have no bed, no pots and pans, and very little clothing. But I know where the people and things I care about are.

  • The rest of the family is staying with relatives.
  • The MOST TREASURED POSSESSIONS are still in this apartment, watched over by me, and locked up when I am gone to work. I am writing this from a room that is so empty it has an echo. Using an end table as a desk.
  • Elsewise, there’s me, some goldfish, a single firearm which is like an ancestral weapon because it was manufactured in 1939 and gifted to me by my maternal grandfather on the day I was old enough to handle it properly. There’s a late Cold War Era globe. There’s a 24-inch Darth Vader figurine that belongs to a little person.

Never load your possessions into a borrowed truck. But if you do, make sure you don’t put the things you care about in the truck with your possessions. Drive the truck yourself, and don’t more than one of the people you care about along for the ride. A son-in-law that helped you load it and understands the risks is acceptable. Give the rest of them jobs to do, like getting the rest of the vehicles to the new place and vacuuming the floors and hanging clothes in closets.

Because the borrowed truck might break down at an odd moment. You might stand on a busy street and direct traffic with your son-in-law for an hour-and-a-half. And then you might have a conversation on the way home, when that finally happens, about how glad you are it happened on a street instead of a highway.

That truck would have rolled right over if this had happened on a highway, and I am not being dramatic.

Meme by David of Comparative Geeks. And let me just toss in a couple of hashtags, since it’s Thursday and all. #SummerOfSandman #GeekPastiche.

The already-published Tolkien that you only didn’t read because you didn’t see it last year will be back on Thursday next week.  I needed this moment today and I needed it here on Sourcerer. 

23 thoughts on “From the Instigator-In-Chief

  1. That is quite an adventure! I’m glad you’re okay, and your family are safe. Those are the most important things, and the support network I’m positive you have in place. I’m also sure, when you’re in your new home (yay!) and enough time has passed, you’ll be able to write that into a scene and make people laugh! The way you described it sounded like a sketch…I could see Simon Pegg’s face for some reason. And I love David’s meme. Classic!

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    • This is one of those threads where I read all the comments and like the ones I like, but only respond to the first and last. It is late here, and I am in a gosh-awful hurry. We’ll get the moving thing done soon, but god, what suck to not be able to do what I do in the internet, even for this amount of time.

      The internet is done with its proper noun phase, I think. I am never capitalizing it again unless by accident. The internet is a sea and I swim in it. There are geographical metaphors here for days that might turn into good marketing, but no time to pick them apart and figure out how to use them right now.

      Your comment prompted that idea, though. Thank you for all the idea-prompting you do around this place 🙂

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      • It’s my pleasure. It’s an inspiring place 😉 I’m glad the moving will get done soon. I can imagine it’s hard being away from the internet, but you deserve the time and still do so much despite everything that’s going on – which is awesome! You know me and my wandering thoughts…the tenuous links I tend to make! Your comment about the internet reminded me of British Comedian Peter Kay – he refers to the internet as t’internet. He’s fun 🙂


  2. Moving is never fun. My brother once rammed a rental truck on the low hanging garage of a hotel… just… sardine can. Dad wasn’t impressed.

    I’m not looking forward to leaving the care of all of my possessions in the hands of the Japanese and Canadian post! It’s giving me nightmares!!

    I’m glad you were both okay, and nothing worse happened.

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    • I can’t imagine the move you’re gearing up for. Just got no frame of reference for it. I have never transferred all my physical stuff via international mail, not even once. I am thinking I might put that one on my bucket list.

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  3. I have never minded moving. I just hate packing and unpacking 😛 Glad you are okay. It is nice to have a mechanic that you trust! I dumped a whole truckload of stuff before I moved so that I could get it down to one truckload of stuff. Bon chance!

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  4. A bit of bad luck. I hate moving. I’ve moved so many times in my life, I can’t count them all on both hands. I’m moving again next year, but it’ll be across the Pacific back to my home country, Canada. I’ve been in Japan for ten years, so I’ve accumulated a lot of things. Lots of books, and they’re all being shipped to Canada. We also have a three-year-old daughter who has a lot of toys. They’re also being shipped. This won’t be fun.

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  5. I hope everything turns out well in the end. We hit a pot hole in England, blew out the tire on our rental car and ended up sitting in the rain for 3 hours waiting for help. Ugh!

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  6. What a hassle as though moving weren’t enough of a hassle in the first place. I can picture it all and I feel for you. I’ve only had to make one major move in my life and I rented a truck for that, but then that was a move from Tennessee to California so I pretty much had to go that route.

    Good luck with the rest of it!

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

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  7. Well I’m happy you are doing okay. Sometimes shit happens and sometimes it really good to be able to write about it. I hope that all works out good and you will be able to put your feet up soon in the new place.

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    • I am glad too! That was a day I will never forget.

      So, either valuable details about how I work are coming, or I am dumping my brain now. I can never tell which I am doing.

      Every contributor who wants to play the silly title game here is welcome. I am an administrator no more. Instigator-in-Chief is me. @mbarkersimpson is brainstorming a silly title for herself too. At some point there will be a slight revamp and a new page will be added to the UR-menu. It will not be like the stodgy contributors page that is buried on the Year One menu so I never have to update it or ask people for bios again. It will have interesting bios for the Silly Title Gang and link to their blogs. Once I get five or six people on board and have time to build the damn thing.

      There’s a rhythm to this blogging for me. I blog as hard as I can, allowing for what’s going on in the rest of my life and trying not to work too hard, starting on January 2 when everyone comes back from the holidays hungry for BLOG and this phase continues, ideally, until July 4. I do a Twitter push over the summer. Wrap up whatever third-network thing I am doing for the year, consolidate my gains, and figure out whether what I did over the last six months was worth the effort.

      Then slow down. Redesign a bit and recruit new contributors in the fall. Post holiday stuff while I am figuring out which third network to try next. And get myself into the starting blocks by Jan 2 to do it all over again.

      That is my growth methodology right there.

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      • It’s a great methodology, and it’s working. Plus we all learn from you. I have a list of silly titles I’ll send to you when you’re ready. I had a lot of fun with it! 😀


  8. And just let me say…while I am very thankful you and the hubs were not hurt I am equally thankful little ears were not around when y’all discovered it was not just a flat tire. I imagine there was some colorful language bouncing around the cab of the truck!


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