Social Media Sunday: On The Scheduling Madness

Just hammering out an update on the scheduling madness. If you you got a link in for the blog party before I left the comment saying I was visiting and did not receive a comment from me, let me know. Seriously I did my best to visit them all, but I was in the zone and might have made a random oversight, and I am trying to get better at this thing. I’ve scheduled Tweets of all the links to go out between now and Wednesday and tagged authors if I could find Twitter accounts for them.

Just looking at what I got this week from Twitter. Twelve scheduled tweets a day isn’t worth the work that goes into maintaining that pace, until I get a lot better at composing Tweets, so I’ve easing off.

The new schedule:TwitterSuzie

  • Monday-Friday: Four afternoon tweets at two hour intervals between 1 pm and 7 pm Eastern.
  • Saturdays: Six tweets beginning at 10 am Eastern and ending around 7 pm.
  • Sundays: Six tweets beginning at 5 am Eastern and ending around 7 pm.
  • Sometimes, the links come to this blog. Sometimes they go to everyone else. Boom or bust.

With the number of tweets I still have piled up, I should be able to maintain this schedule indefinitely. I’ve got @Sourcererblog scheduled through Friday, June 5 as of this minute. It’s a mixture of links, photos, videos, shoutouts, and random stuff like Twitter-wanking and quotes from the TV Tropes Evil Overlord List.

Something I am finding: referrals go up when you get on Twitter and engage with people. We’ve done better here this week for Twitter referrals than we’ve done in a while, but not so much better for me to justify managing an around-the clock queue, and the referrals are really only up during the times I’ve actually been active on Twitter.

I’ve got my unfollowers cleaned up and am planning to delete my lists and revamp the Tweetdeck setup so I’m tweeting entirely from mentions, notifications, and hashtags soon. I know a prodigious number of good hashtags at this point, and nearly everyone who’s really interacting with me on Twitter has at least one they use often, so I can probably just keep up with most of you that way and with a couple of private lists I have for close friends and contributors.

This is an ongoing process, so will take a while, but eventually I’ll have a lighter schedule for @justgeneo and it will be for tweeting #weekendcoffeeshare, #1000Speak, and #atozchallenge links to various other hashtags.

Have a great week!

7 thoughts on “Social Media Sunday: On The Scheduling Madness

  1. I’ve been paying a lot more attention to my referrals from social media sites since I’ve started reading your plans for overtaking the Internet. 🙂 It turns out that I seem to have an opposite situation than you were having…I get about 5 time the number of referrals from Facebook as I do from twitter. Pinterest sends traffic my way, too. In light of that, I think I’m going to start focusing more attention on Facebook and Pinterest than twitter. Just thought you might be interested. 🙂

    Also, I read a book recently that made me think of you….The Art of Social Media. (I think that’s the title.) It was okay. I didn’t feel super-enlightened after reading it, but there were some interesting tips and information I wasn’t aware of before reading it. You may want to check it out. 🙂

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    • Thanks for the tip. I’m curious to compare notes here. Is the traffic coming from your page, or from links shared in other places, do you think?

      FWIW, I focused on three blogs that I can see referrals for with the Twitter scheduling madness. The only one that saw an real increase was this one, and most of that came from me sharing the blog party link around.

      And were’s talking about a huge bump here, in terms of percentages, but all that work only amounted to an extra 20 or so views and a handful of new followers. That’s not efficient enough for me, but it’s still better than I could engineer on Facebook with any ploy I can think of.

      I’m thinking, going forward, I just need focus on visiting tons of blogs — I have a system for that and it is time-consuming, but I’m good at it, being engaged on Twitter for a while, and posting short personal/bloggy status updates on Facebook.

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      • I honestly don’t know if the Facebook traffic is generated from the Nerd in the Brain Facebook page or shares. WordPress just says “Facebook.” No specifics there. I know I sometimes see that a post has been shared on Facebook, but I’ve not yet found a way to find out where or by whom.

        I’m with you though…even though Facebook has 5 times the referrals as Twitter, that still only equates to about 550 views from Facebook for all of 2015…a tiny percentage of overall views. Honestly, the lion’s share of my views seem to come from the mysterious blog ether. 😉


    • I am so glad you stopped by! I have been meaning to do the same for quite some time now. I’m basically always on Twitter now, even when I am not. Working out the frequency and how many should be links and stuff like that. But checking the notifications. The idea is not to set the Twitter up to run and walk away until it’s time to reload — that would be dumb, and would not work. The idea is the actual finding of things to share and composing of the tweets doesn’t have to happen in real time. I tweet when the schedule says it’s time to publish a tweet. And spend all my time on Twitter interacting.

      Like blogging, 144 charaters at a time.

      Could be good.


  2. Social media makes me crazy….ok it wasn’t that hard since I was mostly there anyway. I don’t get to may clicks from Twitter. I’m gonna be focused on building my following on FB for the next month or so and see what happens with that.Thanks for sharing interesting tidbits of social media knowledge 🙂


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