Weekend Music: More Leonard Cohen

Hard to believe I’ve been blogging music videos as long as I have and I’ve not posted this one. Not my favorite Cohen tune, but it’s fun, and it fits here.

I’m skipping the Friday 56 this week because I don’t have time to visit, and I don’t join linkups unless I can do the visits. You still have time to drop a link on the Geek and Greet thread at the top of the page. I’m not going to close the thread, but 6 pm Eastern today is the deadline to get in on the party and be sure you get a visit back from me.

We’re going to be a little lighter than usual on the content for a couple of weeks. We have some things in the works, but April was exhausting, most of the series we started the year with have finished their runs, and a lot of our contributors have personal projects and offline things going on. So you’ll see a few more reblogs here than is our normal custom for the next little while.

I’m looking to add a new contributor (or two) here over the next couple of months. This isn’t the official advertisement, but if you’ve got something you think would be a good fit here, hit me up. I must be familiar enough with you to trust you with dashboard access, and you must be able to deliver finished posts with at least one shareable image.

Happy Weekend!

4 thoughts on “Weekend Music: More Leonard Cohen

  1. Cohen has done some great some songs, but generally I prefer the covers of them. Jennifer Warnes fantastic Famous Blue Raincoat album introduced “First We Take Manhattan”. I much prefer her version. She has a better voice than Cohen.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Road trippin’ with A to Z
    Tossing It Out


    • Hey! Sorry it took me so long to get to this. I kinda dig Leonard’s voice, but I like the covers, too. I didn’t know Jennifer Warnes did them — I’ll have to check some of those out. “Famous Blue Raincoat” is my very favorite Cohen song. I might have asked you on another blog already (can’t remember because I’ve been all over the place today and left you at least two other comments), but what do you think of this signature?

      Instigator-in-Chief at Sourcererblog

      I decided if I was going to do the road trip and keep using the A to Z list to meet bloggers, best make myself one. I’ll come up with a tagline for the roadtrip, of course.


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