Geek and Greet! #geekpastiche

Trying a little something here today. Think of it as a blog party. I’ve dubbed it “Geek and Greet” because most of us here are geeks, and we like to meet bloggers. Here’s how it works. You don’t have to be a geek or have a geeky blog to join the fun.

  1. Take a post you’ve written. Any post, but must be safe for work. Or a front page link (not both) and share it on the thread.
  2. Visit one other person, or if you’re first, one of our contributors’ blogs. Or visit more.
  3. I’ll do my best to visit the blogs shared here between now and 6 pm ET on Friday and eitherΒ leave a comment or share a link for you on Twitter over the weekend.

You are welcome to use our #geekpastiche hashtag for this. If I get an adequate response, I’ll think about turning it into a linkup.

Have a comics cover. It’s not so random.

I have five copies of this issue, and only one has ever even been opened. I read the whole story in trade paperback and bought five of these, bagged and backed them, and have held onto themΒ since 1992. Jeremy and I opened one and leafed through it two summers ago. They are in pristine condition — no yellowing, no dog-earing.

As perfect as 23-year-old comics can be.

99 thoughts on “Geek and Greet! #geekpastiche

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    • It’s partly a generation thing, I think. Has to do with when you first encounter them. I remember life without VCRs and computers. My sister does not. We aren’t that far apart, in the grand scheme, but I am a digital immigrant, and she is a digital native. 11 years. Barely a single, arbitrarily-constructed generation separates us.

      Once upon a time, in my life, my mother had a conversation on a pay phone and the pay phone system took more change than she thought it was worth. The operator gave her a refund. It fell right out of the change slot. True story.

      Once upon a time, in my sister’s life, she saw a telephone booth for the very first time in her whole young life and said “Oh! Look! A Superman-changer!” She had no frame of reference for the actual function of the thing. Also a true story.

      ( @parttimemonster you will like this comment, I think.)

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      • I’ve seen comic strips that use the Superman idea conjunction with our modern era of few if any housed phone booths. I would imagine there are some younger people who might not get the joke.

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      • Well, you’re close. I’m part of the generation that recalls the advent of a computer small enough and inexpensive enough to bring home—the advent oh home computers, if you will. Little Jedi is more digital native—he doesn’t remember a world without smart phones and touchscreens and wi-fi and giant, internet-capable TVs. He doesn’t even have the Superman-changer frame of reference, or just barely. Seen the film, but that phone booth was so outside his scope of experience that he discarded it, is what I think.


    • Thanks! I do not actually spend much time with the comics, but my blog has a lot of it. There’s irony in there somewhere. Thanks for all the Twitter love lately πŸ™‚

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  3. That was fun! I read some cool posts. Sadly, I have nothing geeky to share this time. : ( It’s all about writing short stories this month. Super smart buy on those comics! You’ll make a killing when you decide to sell them.

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    • Really? I mean a 1500% return is great and all, but you know. It doesn’t end up being very much cash right now, and I am attached to those books. I’ll sell them in 30 years. Maybe.

      Thanks for reading the cool posts! That is my job for tomorrow.

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  4. Just found this, as a geek I’m always one of the last to find a party.
    Thanks for this cool way to find other socially-challenged individuals lol πŸ™‚
    I’ve written a lot of Doctor Who, Firefly, Batman, cartoons, X-Files, Star Wars, Star Trek, well, just about everything in geekdom, here’s my latest, I don’t know if it’s my nerdiest, but it references X-Files, Psych, ET, Pirates of the Caribbean, the internet, Catch 22 and Poltergeist, that must qualify as something. πŸ˜‰
    Thanks again, off to visit some more of these fellow bloggers. Will share this. πŸ™‚

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    • This post will be pinned awhile longer. You certainly should check out the stuff you see here that piques your interest.

      Nearly all bloggers dropping links on this thread are friends. The share our links all over the internet, and I retweet them and put them on my Facebook timeline and such. Nearly all.

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    • Ohh! We’ve got at least one Serenity post somewhere in the archives. I’m thinking it was an early comics post that Jeremy did.

      Thanks for joining the #geekpastche blog party! I’m trying to visit everyone back and collect links to tweet today. Gonna test my signature now to see if the html works in comments.

      Instigator-in-Chief at Sourcerer


    • I’m glad you made it! Just about to start all the visits back now. What do you think of this signature for event visits like these and the A to Z Road Trip?

      Thanks for joining the #geekpastche blog party! I’m trying to visit everyone back and collect links to tweet today.

      – Gene’O
      Instigator-in-Chief at Sourcerer


        • Yeah. I shy away from organizational language, but people do need roles with something of this magnitude (seriously — have you looked at the Bylines menu lately? — we’ve developed a magnitude that would be a non-zero number if we could measure it. Not really sure how that happened.)

          Working on a scheme for things like A to Z and blogathons. There will never be a #TeamSourcerer because I find that stuff off-putting, but. We have #Blogplotting and #Geekpastiche now. We can have signatures for events that point people here if we want.

          Already have one contributor interested, and that is all I can say for now, because I’m sorta talking out of school.

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  6. Visits complete. Links scheduled to tweet between now and Wednesday. All laid out in a post that’s scheduled for tomorrow. Thanks, everyone, for joining in the fun, and if you didn’t get a comment from me, let me know. I work hard to make sure EVERYONE who dropped a link on this thread got a comment from me, personally.


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