12 thoughts on “10 Reasons She-Ra Is Awesome: A List

  1. I liked She-Ra back in the day. She was a female hero who taught good virtues and morals and trounced Hordak time and time again. Here’s hoping that we see her return someday.

    I’ll also admit that I liked Adora more because of her leotard outfit and that I wished for her to stay as Adora but still have She-Ra’s powers every now and then. Sounds absurd, I know.

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    • I love She-Ra, and I gravitate toward compelling women in stories, but I don’t believe there’s such a thing as a “weak female character,” so I don’t know what “strong female character” means aside from cliches and stereotypes. I think strength comes in many forms. I realize this will not get me any feminist points.


        • I understand wanting to see women in compelling roles. I just don’t support the use of the language paradigm we’re talking about.I’m not sure this is an appropriate thread to get into that, so let’s just say I agree that She-Ra is an awesome superhero.


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