Weekend Music: Star Wars Fun!

We’re a bit light on the weekends right now, so I’m moving the Weekend Music to Saturday mornings for a while. I discovered this while looking for a Star Wars-themed Cosplay Piano episode. The bows at the beginning are ridiculous in just the right way. I’ll never hear the Imperial March again without imagining a Stormtrooper orchestra just off camera, performing the thing.

I’ll have a post sometime this weekend that links to all our A to Z posts. I want a chronological list at the top of the category archive, and I need them all in one place so I can play scheduling games with them.

Happy Weekend!

11 thoughts on “Weekend Music: Star Wars Fun!

  1. This… this song is very hard top lay when you play the cello (or bass) and are bad at counting. Off-beats… all off-beats…. My chamber orchestra played it for the graduation march the year my brother graduated…
    You’ve seen the Piano Guys “Cello Wars” right? If not, google it and see, it’s stellar 🙂

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