Have Another!

The Star Wars trailer I posted yesterday was such a hit, I decided to post another one today 🙂

I’m a bit excited about this movie.

I’ll be back to the photoblogging next week, I hope.

13 thoughts on “Have Another!

  1. So many feels! I remember being at a friend’s place when the first teaser came out last November. We had internet issues and were sitting on the floor to plug the laptop to the router since the wireless was a pain, so we could watch it on her laptop! It didn’t disappoint. I can’t wait for the movie!

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    • Yes, it’s good stuff, at least visually. I didn’t understand the whole lightsaber crossguard reaction. To my way of thinking, making a lightsaber look like a medieval longsword only makes it COOLER.

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    • I almost put this in a post, but since it’s a fan video, it’s likely to be yanked down eventually, and I can’t have YouTube killing my posts. Just watched it with the little dude and noticed this. At 1:40 or so, there are persons in Corellian/Clone armor breaching a bulkhead. It’s so brief you’ll miss it if you blink at the wrong time.

      Also, the ship detail and movement in all the clips I’ve seen are good. So good.


      • Thanks for sharing the link! I hadn’t seen this one! I love fa videos to pieces. I’ve been sitting on an idea for all SW movies, including the teaser material we already have for Episode VII. Sadly I can’t vid for the time being as my desktop computer died on me a few weeks ago!

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      • I understand! I love introducing my kids to the movies I used to love myself… it’s fun to see it for the first time again, through their eyes! (My three-year-old son has recently gotten excited about Spiderman, which thrills me, of course!)


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