A to Z Challenge Afterparty, Anyone?

Sabina is hosting an A to Z Afterparty this weekend at Victim to Charm. Why not stop by over there, share one of your A to Z Challenge links, and chat about your experience in April?survivor-atoz_by_Retro

I intended to publish my Blogging A to Z Reflection today, but since it’s already noon and I don’t have the screenshots of the stats in yet, I’ll save it for tomorrow. You can find the reflection badge and info about the linky here.

We’re debuting a new feature on Monday which we are hoping to make into a monthly thing: author & blogger interviews!

It’s strange to have only one post scheduled after have the queue so full I had trouble finding my own posts for a month.

Have a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge Afterparty, Anyone?

    • You’re welcome 🙂 I wish I’d had more time to come over there and play. No time this weekend. I’ve spent the last three weekends doing mostly offline stuff, so I had a huge hole to write myself out of this weekend. I finished 7 posts on Saturday and Sunday morning. Had to mostly skip the coffee post and ignore Twitter and FB to get it done, but it’s done.

      I’m down to three guest posts to finish, then finalize the Feminist Friday schedule, then start the Tolkien back up, and I’m set through the summer, more or less.


      • Hooray! Sometimes it’s good to do the offline stuff and ignore everything else. I’ve got most of May planned, and once finals are over I’ll be doing a LOT of both online & offline things. My goal is to have roughly half of fall semester planned/written before returning to school.


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