Happy May Day!

Have a video. Not the best visual thing I ever posted here, but it’s live and the lyrics make up the difference.

So, April is done. On to May! I’ll have an A to Z Reflection for you soon. We have a new feature coming early next week which might involve interviews. There is also an A to Z afterparty in the works, and all I know about that is you need to watch this blog for a day or two. Also, Comparative Geeks is about to get even more interesting than it already is 😉

9 thoughts on “Happy May Day!

    • Haha! That’s cool! We always have a music video sometime on the weekend. When we’ve got busy weekend posting, it runs on Friday and when we don’t have anything else for Saturdays, it runs then. We bumped the music to Sundays during April, but it’s moving back to Friday/Saturday now.

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    • Yar. Don’t forget to snag the badge and display it proudly, my friend. I looked at your survey the other day, but from the phone. Definitely something I can try and help you find participants for. Taking it myself is on my to-do list for the weekend.

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  1. 👀

    *watches space closely*

    Excited for the end of April! I need to get on my reflections post. Once I’m done reading the last of the blogs I need to read for A-Z (just to make sure I’m really, truly, finished with it all….)

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