Weekend Music: A to Z Open Thread #4 (The Last)

We’ve featured Minneapolis folk/rock group Reina del Cid and the Cidizens on Sundays all month long and hosted a discussion thread. This seems a good one to end the thing on.

This is an open Blogging A to Z thread. You can use it to do any or all of the following.

  • Share your best A to Z post from the previous week or one for a friend. (Only one of your own or for a friend, please.)
  • Share your best finds from the A to Z list. (No more than two of these per week, please.)
  • Chatter about how the challenge is going for you, or about A to Z in general. Ask questions and give one another advice. If you’ve survived previous A to Z Challenges, tell us a war story.

This week’s featured A to Z Blogger: Victim To Charm

AtoZcollagePro Tip: Tweet an #AtoZChallenge link or two to #SundayBlogShare today and to #MondayBlogs tomorrow. You get bonus points if you retweet links from those hashtags.

#geekpastiche FTW!

11 thoughts on “Weekend Music: A to Z Open Thread #4 (The Last)

  1. My favorite post from this week (and perhaps of the entire thing) really has been this one that my friends kid wrote for me: https://eclecticali.wordpress.com/2015/04/22/slugs-eat-anything-that-is-a-plant/
    I especially love that when we were on a nature walk last weekend, and I was telling her about how it would be going up this week, she had questions about what I thought about it. “Did you think it was DRAMATIC?” asked in the voice of one who has been called dramatic. 🙂 I adore that kid and am so happy she agreed to put together this story for me!
    I feel like it’s going pretty well… I still have some work to do with my final guest post (the guest poster worked with it, but now needs me to “work some magic.” I appreciate her thinking I HAVE magic, and apparently editing and putting finishing touches on something is one of my super-powers? Why couldn’t have been something cooler?
    Overall I’ve been loving it though – especially the community that I’ve been getting to discover and enjoy!

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    • That’s not a superpower to be dismissive of. I have a touch of it too, I am told.

      I’ve also loved it, but man. Has been a lot of work, and I’ve gotten out of my steady writing routine this month.

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      • I just wish I were actually good enough at it to do more than favors for friends (not that I’m scoffing that… one called it a ministry – kinda a big compliment in my circles).
        I’ve been out of my steady routine as far as writing goes, so strangely A to Z is actually helping me get back into it some.

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        • I think I’m going to go ahead and start writing one or two posts per month for next year in June. This geekpastiche was great, and we’ve already had our best month ever here, but it definitely had costs, and even though the final version of our plan was greatly simplified compared to where it started, it still had too many moving parts.


            • Exactly. It’s like, if you know you’re going to need $600 in one year’s time, stash away $50 a month for 12 months. The A to Z posts did not take that long to write — but having to stop and write them all in late March, and having contributions coming in during April — even though the ones that were done in April mostly came in a week in advance — really gummed up the works. Withdrawing Just Gene’O from the Challenge on before it started was the best A to Z decision I made this year.

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      • Just finished my reflection, although I may shift things around a bit (I have a yours/mine/ours favorites section, so I have to wait & see if any of this week’s posts fall into either the first or third categories).


    • Yep. There is a reflection. I haven’t actually gone and looked to see when the best time to post it is. I’m shooting for May 1 or 2. I figure if I am early, I can always pin it to the top of the page for the day or two.

      I was way late last year with the reflection, and that did not work so well.

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