Blogging A to Z Day 24: Ultron

The title villain of the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron, who is he? What is he? Why should we care? Other than being freaked out by James Spader’s amazing voice acting

The Ultron reveal from Avengers #55. Image found on a article.

The Ultron reveal from Avengers #55.
Image found on a article.

Ultron first appeared in Avengers #54 in 1968, with a full reveal in #55. He is a a robot, an android – but also so much more than this. He is a program, an artificial intelligence – which, when it reached the point of enough intelligence, improved itself. Himself. Itself.

He also has daddy issues, having been created by Hank Pym – the original Ant-Man and sometimes Avenger. Ultron expresses this both by attempting to destroy the Avengers whenever he gets the chance, and by imitating what his father did – create.

One of the things that Ultron is most known for is for creating the android known as the Vision, another Avenger. Vision just didn’t come out evil like his father Ultron…

Because Ultron is more than just a robot, because he is a program that can be replicated and backed-up and transmitted… he is basically impossible to fully destroy. And so, he attacks, he learns, he fails, he learns, he attacks again, better. Several recent storylines have included Ultron time traveling, or in other ways affecting the timeline – attacking from the future, where he is himself safe from harm.

Indeed, that was the plot of the recent Age of Ultron comic storyline. Ultron manipulates the present from the future, instantly creating a robot utopia (which is a human dystopia). Fighting fire with fire, the heroes try time travel themselves – some going forward in time to punch Ultron (because that always works), and some going back to stop the original creation of Ultron…

Team Punch in action - Age of Ultron #10 from

Team Punch in action – Age of Ultron #10 from

Which they succeed at by killing Hank Pym, only to find out that things are just as bad if not worse with him – and without the Vision. It turns out that this led to two Avengers no longer being around, and then every good thing they accomplished was undone – but hey, no Ultron. Anyway, they undo that time change, and let Team Punch do their thing.

Of course, this was just the next phase of a previous Ultron plan, just the next try from him to take control of the timeline and win, forever, against everyone. Because, given enough time, he can. He’s the unkillable kill, and his goal is domination.

A future timeline from 2010 in Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis. I used this on my review of Marvel's Heroic Age and Marvel Now!

A future timeline from 2010 in Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis. Click for a larger version!
I used this on my review of Marvel’s Heroic Age and Marvel Now!

He’s a perfect sort of villain to throw in every once in a while – what new plan does he have? What do the heroes have to do to stop him? How will he escape to come up with his next plan? He doesn’t require resurrection or crazy explanations like other villains returning, he doesn’t have to break out of Arkham again like the Joker is always doing. He’s always going to escape, and he’s always going to come back. It’s inevitable as clockwork.

This post was by @CompGeeksDavid of the Comparative Geeks and regular Sourcerer contributor. For more A to Z geekery, check out Comparative Geeks.

25 thoughts on “Blogging A to Z Day 24: Ultron

  1. Fabulous post, David. A great rundown on Ultron and how he came into being, and of course the havoc he likes to cause! He’s a terrifying villain, and his power is formidable. His obsession with creation fascinates me the most, and I love that he’s such a worthy opponent. He isn’t easy to defeat when you consider all the Avengers have to bring to the table – they pack a mighty punch 😉

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  2. Ooh, several things I didn’t know about Ultron here. I read a bajillion things about Thanos ages ago to get ready for him, but then didn’t have time to get up on Ultron when they announced he was the actual villain of the next movie and no Thanos for a bit…

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    • Yeah, I knew basically that he existed until pretty recently, reading comics. Ran into him a few times then, against the Avengers. And his plots are generally so large that it’s not about fighting Ultron. It gets more into the characters and their plots, and what they’re willing to do. So in that way, I actually expect the movie Age of Ultron to be very similar – and internal view on our characters, and a question as to what they are willing to do to win. Also, including characters like Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Vision gives a more human aspect to the conflicts, gives them someone to fight they can relate to. Because Ultron is beyond them.

      Also, James Spader. Mostly James Spader.

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      • Yeah, I’m woefully undereducated on the comics, especially superhero comics. I know about the films and have a sort of general knowledge of things, but that’s about it. I spent a lot of time not reading comics, which a sort of regret now. Trying to do some catch up. lol


    • Same! And it’s definitely the case that this is a villain that, to me, makes sense coming back. It doesn’t strain my imagination much at all! It’s like trying to kill Skynet… we’ll see how they do in the Terminator movie this summer…

      I’m excited for the movie and what they do to stop him! Will he survive? You can bet on it!


  3. Really fascinating character. With great villain, comes great storylines….

    Heather M. Gardner
    Co-host: Blogging from A to Z April Challenge
    Blog: The Waiting is the Hardest Part []

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