Weekend Music: A to Z Open Thread #2

This video comes with a trigger warning, because the song deals with abuse.

We’re featuring Minneapolis folk/rock musician Reina del Cid on Sundays all month long and hosting a discussion thread.

This is an open Blogging A to Z thread. You can use it to do any or all of the following.

  • Share your best A to Z post from the previous week or one for a friend. (Only one of your own or for a friend, please.)
  • Share your best finds from the A to Z list. (No more than two of these per week, please.)
  • Chatter about how the challenge is going for you, or about A to Z in general. Ask questions and give one another advice. If you’ve survived previous A to Z Challenges, tell us a story.
  • Talk about the music. We don’t talk about the music enough around this place.

This week’s featured A to Z Blogger: Write On, Sisters!

AtoZcollagePro Tip: Tweet an #AtoZChallenge link or two to #SundayBlogShare today and to #MondayBlogs tomorrow. You get bonus points if you retweet links from those hashtags.

#geekpastiche FTW!

9 thoughts on “Weekend Music: A to Z Open Thread #2

  1. Since we’re already in the spotlight, I’ll take this time to say what a great year this has been. I’m enjoying learning new things from everyone’s fantastic posts. Keep it up gang! : )

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