Blogging A to Z Day 7: Flash

As someone who had not read too many comics I only was tangentially connected to the comic book world and therefore did not know much about the Flash, besides being the fastest man alive. When the show Flash started on the CW I got excited mostly because it was by the same people who brought us Arrow, which I love. The only thing being that I really did not know much about Barry Allen or the Flash in general.

The more I find out the more I really love the Flash as a character! A lot of what I know comes from watching the show, but I have also looked at what others have posted and watching some of the cartoon movies. The Flash really has a heart that is different from some of the other characters in the universe.

One thing I love about Barry Allen is his optimism and his passion. Now maybe this is just the show, but other things I have seen and found seem to confirm this as well. Recently we watched the animated movie Justice League: Doom, that points out the weaknesses of various DC superheroes including the Flash. The Flash’s weakness is his need to protect others; this is demonstrated in that movie and in the show. At the same time of all of the weaknesses it is the most endearing. He just wants to protect people and for those that need help he wants to help.

From a full gif-set on Tumblr.

From a full gif-set on Tumblr.

There is a great Tumblr post that I saw recently that looked at an episode of Justice League Unlimited where Batman and Orion try and help the Flash out because they disagree with how he handles his enemies. At the same time they just want to come and beat everyone up. The Flash on the other hand can take some time and is able to talk to one of the enemies. This in turn leads him to the rest of the enemies that are trying to kill him. Even getting the one enemy that he talked to to turn himself in. It really is a great moment and contrasts so much with the other superheroes.

The great part about Barry Allen is that his optimism and passion is infectious. He is too smart for his own good, but his strength is not in overpowering an enemy, but outsmarting them. Also, at times his power is the fact that he legitimately cares what happens. It is so different from other superheroes, particularly those in the DC universe. It is kind of a refreshing change of pace, especially when it is contrasted with Arrow which does get incredibly dark and serious. Flash presents a world where so many things are possible.

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36 thoughts on “Blogging A to Z Day 7: Flash

  1. I haven’t read any comics either. All I know about superheroes comes from TV, movies and my husband. The Flash is growing on me. At first, I thought the show was going to be a fromage fest, but I am starting to like it. I like how patient Barry is. He waits for the right moment, the other guys would have probably exposed or beat up Wells by now.

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  2. I had never considered intelligence and caring as super power, but put in the context of Flash, I certainly could change that. Thanks for another great serving of #GeekPastiche

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  3. Flash is the REASON I watched Justice League, instead of just Batman. I loved everything about him in that show… I guess I’ve been scared to pick up a comic and be disappointed!

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    • I haven’t seen the show yet, but from this, I don’t think y’all would be disappointed in the comics. He’s older there, usually, but he’s still the optimistic one. (He also has my favorite set of villains ever, including Batman’s.) The major thing differentiating him is his focus on family. The Flash is a multi-generational character with a really solid family life, and it’s just lovely… Really differentiates him in the same way Holly’s saying here. 🙂 My personal favorite is the Justice Society of America/JSA series with the oldest Flash of the bunch. The first volume is Justice Be Done.

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  4. I think you’re absolutely right, Holly. He stands out for me because of his humility, and his passion. He’s a superhero for everyone. He’s a great friend, loves his family, is just the ticket when you’re in a tight spot, and is conscientious in the use of his power. You’re right about his enthusiasm too, and I think that’s one of the reasons the show is so successful.

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  5. I’m enjoying The Flash very much. The actor who plays Barry is excellent. Every scene is so heartfelt. His facial expressions are the best. He has lots of snark and that boyish grin. The stories have been great, waiting to find out is Wells good or bad. My only problem is that so far almost everyone who got hit with the particle blah blah blah wave seem to be bad guys except for Barry! What’s the odds of that?
    Great post!
    Heather M. Gardner
    Co-host: Blogging from A to Z April Challenge
    Blog: The Waiting is the Hardest Part []

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    • That is so true about the particle wave issue. The one exception is Ronnie I would say. It would be nice to see a few more heroes or even just confused people instead of straight up villains.

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