Weekend Music: A to Z Open Thread #1

We don’t go a weekend without a music video, no matter what else we’re doing, so I’m gonna try this just to see what happens. I’ve got one of these scheduled to run every Sunday for the next five weeks. We’re featuring Minneapolis folk/rock group Reina del Cid and the Cidizens on Sundays all month long and hosting a discussion thread.

This is an open Blogging A to Z thread. You can use it to do any or all of the following.

  • Share your best A to Z post from the previous week or one for a friend. (Only one of your own or for a friend, please.)
  • Share your best finds from the A to Z list. (No more than two of these per week, please.)
  • Chatter about how the challenge is going for you, or about A to Z in general. Ask questions and give one another advice. If you’ve survived previous A to Z Challenges, tell us a war story.
  • Talk about the music. We don’t talk about the music enough around this place.

This week’s featured A to Z Blogger: Not a Punk Rocker

Finds of the week

  1. 26 Ways To Die in Medieval Hungary. Best. Theme. Evah!
  2. A Creative Mind is doing a Tolkien theme, and you know how I feel about some Tolkien. She’s also #100 on the list — which was Just Gene’O’s number until I bowed out with that blog. So, if I HAD done a Tolkien theme and been #100 on the list, we would be back-to-back Tolkien bloggers who never met until we did the A to Z Challenge about the same thing in the same year. How cool is that?

AtoZcollagePro Tip: Tweet an #AtoZChallenge link or two to #SundayBlogShare today and to #MondayBlogs tomorrow. You get bonus points if you retweet links from those hashtags.

#geekpastiche FTW!

20 thoughts on “Weekend Music: A to Z Open Thread #1

  1. Alrighty then!

    My recommended music, if you don’t mind listening to international music you may not understand is “the pillows”, no caps. Their album My Foot is amazing, but here is my favorite song from the album:

    https://youtu.be/padJmhHcFWU (Lyrics here: http://lyrics.wikia.com/The_Pillows:Wake_Up!_Dodo/en)

    My favorite finds from A-Z have definitely been MopDog’s 26 Ways to Die in Medieval Hungary, which I believe you’re following already, and Atherton’s Magic Vapour’s “Who Killed Lord Cadblister?” #1024 today. Atherton actually bought props and has been dressing up as each suspect in this month long Who-dunnit. Full disclaimer: Love this author, and she is a friend.

    I won’t share my links, though, since I already added 2 links here. 🙂

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      • If you end up liking their sound, I have a couple more bands to recommend in that vein. 🙂 I’m barely keeping up with my list at present (30 new blogs came in while I was sleeping), but I’m trying me best!


    • They aren’t actually going to spam, just held for moderation if you share more than one link, which really makes no sense as a policy for me, because I approve first comments anyway. I may need to tweak that.


  2. I know you’ve seen and loved this post already, but my favorite from this week was definitely Application Essay: http://wp.me/p46JHL-ws.
    I’ve been loving reading others SO much though, and there are some really excellent themes on the list. Ones about the 20s and the 80s, one about inventions by women, ones on the Galapagos and the language of Curacao (two places I traveled when I was younger, so taking me down memory lane). Plenty of writing blogs that are always interesting.
    Even more interesting: The A-Z Challenge has kept blogging in the front of my mind (not that it usually isn’t, but even more so) so I’ve been coming up with TONS of post ideas that are outside my theme and I have a tentative plan for some changes (and by changes I mean MORE BLOGGING WOOO) for the summer. Then again, coming up with ideas has never been a challenge for me, it’s finding time to write them, but this month is mostly dedicated to reading and will do more writing once finals are over.
    Only 1.5 posts to write before I’m done with the posting part of A-Z. Waiting on a friend’s art for one post and four more guest posts too.

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  3. Wow, where to begin! There have been so many awesome blogs out there. Unfortunately several of them are writing really long articles so I can’t take the time to give them the read they deserve, So I’m sticking with fairly short ones.

    I also found MopDog’s list of 26 ways to die in medieval Hungary! It is greatness. I’m sure I’ll find one or two that I have to work into my books. I love WarpedNerdiversity’s list of obscure words http://warpednerdiversity.blogspot.jp/ If you like obscure words, check it out. There are many, many more to find! Go Explore!

    My most commented article for A-to-Z has been: http://downhomethoughts.com/2015/04/01/a-to-z-2015-a-is-for-affirmation/ If you stopped by and commented. Thanks!

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    • I found a similar one themed “Rogue Words,” which is all about words that are difficult to spell and/or use correctly.

      I feel you on the long posts. Why I advised the bloggers here to go short with theirs. On a normal day, I’ll read a long post — especially for a friend and if it grabs me. 700 is about my absolute limit when I’m doing the list visits, though. Even that’s too much.

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