Blogging A to Z Day 4: The Doctor and Doctor Donna

temp from chiswick

This lady

I am a fan of Donna “the temp from Chiswick” Noble. Donna “Oi, watch it spaceman” Noble. Donna “The Doctor” Noble. Those are the three best nicknames I can think of to sum up her character: she’s ordinary, she’s tough, and she’s amazing. Donna’s Companionship best demonstrates the hope and heartbreak that Doctor Who is all about.

Rose and Martha were just a little too lovesick to stand up to the Doctor, and a little too good for their own well-being. Amy and Rory were the Doctor’s sidekicks while he played super-hero. Clara exists.

Donna is the only Companion to beat the Doctor at being a savior. I don’t mean this to lessen the Doctor’s accomplishments, but let’s look at the scoreboard while they traveled together:

Pyramid of AwesomeSavior of the universe

Unlike the Doctor, Donna accomplishes most of her feats by saving someone, or by sacrificing herself, as in Turn Left. That version of Donna – the one who had never met the Doctor – died. This resurrected the other Donna. I left out episodes where they both helped save the day, like the Adipose and Sontarans. I also didn’t account for what they are, since it seemed unfair: a Time Lord and the woman handpicked by all of time and space (also known as the Tardis) to save the universe.

world's best granddad

One kicks ass, the other takes names

Not to mention Donna has the best granddad in the universe.

Donna is all about hope: after she declines traveling with the Doctor she travels the world. It doesn’t quite measure up to the Tardis, so when she returns home she begins investigating the Adipose situation. And she watches the sky with Wilf, hoping to see the Doctor again. When the situation seems impossible, like Fires of Pompeii, Donna sees a little bit of hope by rescuing at least one family. The Doctor is godlike, and when he can’t save everyone he despairs. Donna is human, and when she can save someone she rejoices.

Donna also breaks our hearts. When she is at the top of her game after saving the universe, she loses everything, including her sense of self. Because she absorbed the knowledge of a Time Lord, but her biology can’t cope with it, the Doctor has to erase her memories of him and their travels to save her life. Everything Donna did still mattered, but she’ll never know, and her dream of traveling with the Doctor forever comes to nothing.

That’s the heart of Doctor Who: triumph tempered by loss, saving the day while still knowing there’s so much to do, and hope weighed against heartbreak. Doctor Who is a romantic show. But don’t let me just tell you, listen to Craig Ferguson sing it:

I’m hardly the first or last to note Donna’s awesomeness as Companion. They had their own takes on Donna Noble, if you’d like some additional reading:

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30 thoughts on “Blogging A to Z Day 4: The Doctor and Doctor Donna

  1. Since my name is Donna I might have been biased toward Doctor Donna/Donna Noble, but no, it’s because she was awesome.
    I haven’t tired of Doctor Who in over 40 years of viewing, but Donna was a breath of fresh air. More Donna!
    Awesome post. Perfect ‘D’ choice!

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    • No crying, but I definitely didn’t know how to feel. (Spoilers?) I was glad she was still alive, but since Donna was so down on herself without the Doctor it seemed almost worse than death. But I hope the character went on to be awesome in other ways.

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  2. Yes! Love Donna most of all – Turn Left is my favorite episode and I get ridiculously all choked up by her bravery at the end. I will watching Donna and River Song any day!

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    • yay! And as far as the letters for the challenge go, names are so good! You only need one word that starts with the letter. First name, last name, fictional city. All good. Just make sure the letter is in the headline somewhere.


    • I want to go back and watch the old episodes of Who, but Netflix has a limited selection. I’ve heard the Companions weren’t always human, or modern folks. Clara is… Clara, and she’s coming back, I think, for s9.

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      • Ace is a contender for my favourite companion as she was the companion to the 7th Doctor Sylvester McCoy. He might not be the most popular doctor but he was my first. I must have been about 5. Ace was a young girl who liked to blow things up, (I don’t think I imagined that) and was instantly cool.

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  3. Love, love LOVE Doctor Donna. Though of all the companions, hers is the most heartbreaking story. But she was funny, witty, and gave 10 exactly the kind of heart he needed, free of romantic entanglements.

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  4. Okay, so I’ve been on the fence about watching Dr. Who… but Craig Ferguson’s number sold me on it… 😀 I’ll probably have to wait until Canada though!


  5. I love Donna. She is certainly my favourite companion (closely followed by Rory) and I’m so sad we only had one season with her. I’d love to see her return one day- a Donna/Capaldi stand-off would be hysterical!


  6. I never know what I’m going to find during your AtoZ’s. Very happy to see Dr Who. I’m not a huge Donna fan but that didn’t stop me watching and fully enjoying it still and I like your comparison of who did the most during their time together.


  7. This is one way I know I’m not geek enough. I’ve seen plenty of things out there, but never A Dr. Who episode.
    I wouldn’t even know when/where to start!
    Heather M. Gardner
    Co-host: Blogging from A to Z April Challenge
    Blog: The Waiting is the Hardest Part []


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