Wordless Wednesday Remix #1: Human, Water, Light

Photos by Gene'O

Photos by Gene’O

8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday Remix #1: Human, Water, Light

    • ewww! Quite an image there.

      And best hope my wife, who is the boy’s grandmother, does not see that comment.

      It gets points for creativity though, for sure!


        • Ha! Very good. You are incredibly funny. Best to not make any jokes like that about any kid photos with no face showing you happen to see on the blog, just for future reference 😉

          There are no random kids photos here. Just photos of that one., because he begs me to put him on the blog. He reads pretty good at this point, and he understands Internet-famous. He likes the idea.

          The internet is such a crazy thing!


  1. Fun photos…. those look like fun fountains for kids to run through, unless the angle is warping my sense of depth perception that much. 😛

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    • Fun fountains, for sure, but neither for running through. That top photo is the boy wishing he could swim in the fountain after riding the bike for a couple of hours, and having just been told he cannot swim in the fountain.

      We do have fountains you can run through, though. Those are a lot of fun!

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      • Poor kiddo. I’d be sad, too. 😛 Of course, when I was his age, I lived 100 yards from a river, and swam in it even when my lips turned purple. 😉

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