11 thoughts on “RECAP: The Walking Dead, S05E15, “Try”

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  2. I have to say, I love that photo of Steve Yuen.

    We’re down today on both blogs. Not sure why. Possibly it is the good weather, or the fact that I’ve promoted the A to Z thing for six months, and this is the weekend the people who read this blog are feverishly working to get that shit done. I know I have not been on the blogs much today, nor on Twitter.

    Still, it’s curious. Any deviation from the norm is curious.

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    • Been slow at my place, too, although the weather certainly isn’t good. Are most people trying to get all of their posts done before April, or are we just collectively nuts? I’m doing four extra on Sundays so that technically I don’t have to post once during April, although we all know I’m going to anyway.


  3. So, is Glenn going to get it with all the baseball bat symbolism this season, or Daryl? One of those two are being touted as the shocking death for the end of the season. Is it possible to end a season without killing someone? IDK


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