I’m in for the Beach Party Blogathon!



I signed up for this thing that’s happening in June. Pick a film with a beach scene in it and write about it between June 8 and 12. Sponsored by Speakeasy and Silver Screenings.

I’ll be blogging about Captain Blood, and I will add the art to the sidebar just as soon as I get done scheduling a month’s worth of Blogging A to Z in April Challenge posts.

13 thoughts on “I’m in for the Beach Party Blogathon!

    • You’re welcome! I decided to squeeze it in today because things are gonna get a little crazy around here soon. I’ve got like 15 posts scheduled and another 16 from various contributors sitting in the queue.

      The Captain Blood pick is a bit inspired, if I do say so myself!

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    • You’re welcome, and very good! Now I have to go back over there just to see what the movie is. One more page view for Speakeasy! BTW, I am sharing your theme reveal tomorrow. Was going to do it today, but I was on the phone, and it is not on your FB page.

      These Blogathons are good. Diana’s done three of them. I’ve been watching them for most of the year. They’re awesome.

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