6 thoughts on “RECAP: The Walking Dead, S05E14, “Spend”

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  2. Brilliant! It was such a good episode and it has been a really, really good second half of a season. Psychologically speaking, it’s been fascinating – Father Gabriel is right I’m sure, the group is going to shatter Alexandria but then again, it would shatter anyway as those people are weak man! I was calling him all kind of not very nice names by the end of the episode though – I was like, well, you should know about a snake in the grass because YOU ARE ONE! And yes, Noah’d death was by far the worst we’ve ever had. I had to watch it through my fingers. I stupidly watch this episode quite late at night – should have known better, I couldn’t go to sleep for ages after!

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  3. I NEVER usually do this (link to one of my posts through comments on other blogs) but I wrote this a little while ago and I can’t help but share: it’s only a fan’s point of view -http://arwenaragornstar.com/2015/03/03/psychology-and-the-various-layers-of-human-behaviour/

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  4. I looked a lot like Glenn too! I was horrified. The look on Noah’s face when he realised what was going to happen – it was haunting. And scared, yes, that about covers it – who knows what they’ll do in the last two episodes!

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  5. I’ve been following your week. Not sure how much of a trail I’ve left on account of sometimes I read things when I am not signed in and so I can’t like them. You’ve had one helluva week.

    The Rules of Gore are pretty loose around this place, because (pssst) we’ve built an accidental horror audience here. I would not have squawked if you’d shared that image, but I like the way you did this with the freaked-out Noah and making me click to find the gore. That is a good way to sell a link. We must ponder this carefully and think about how we can generalize this technique and use it to get clicks for things like contributors’ blogs and Amazon links.

    And NOAH! Poor Noah.


  6. “Rick, meanwhile, is On The Case, trying to figure out who wrecked the owl statue that I swear Rick wrecked a couple of episodes ago. ”

    That sounds like a great side series. Rick solves crimes he forgot he committed.

    Great review, as always.


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