Weekend Music: Look What I Found!

Camille and Kennerly have a massive archive of these duets on their channel. I subscribed the minute I viewed the first one. They cover all genres, and always dress for whatever they’re playing. What do you think? Do I add a category to the Playlist and follow all their social media? If you like this, let me know. Given that I don’t feature any single artist more than about once every six weeks, The Harp Twins’ archives are inexhaustible.

Other Stuff:

  1. I will be less active than usual on the Twiitters and the linkups this weekend. I have to turn down the noise and get a lot of editorial work done over the next couple of days. Think of it as the calm before the epic storm of contributor blogging that’s about to hit the Internet.
  2. I’m withdrawing Just Gene’O from the A to Z Challenge, but Sourcerer is definitely in and the theme reveal is just about done. Reasons will be explained in the #WeekendCoffeeShare post tomorrow and I will contact A to Z directly and request removal in the next week or so.
  3. The Feminist Friday discussion is happening at Gretchen’s right now.
  4. One more — the setting of the video reminded me of this. My photo stash is running down pretty low, but the weather is about to turn and I’m going to be capturing images 30 and 40 at a time soon. Since the flowers close-ups are working so well, what about this: gravestones. I could produce many, many images from cemeteries and mix them in.


14 thoughts on “Weekend Music: Look What I Found!

  1. So, for those of you who stop by later and are interested in such things. I now have two not-too-big/indie musical groups with deep YouTube archives and other social media to share in these posts. I need two more.

    The quality must be there.

    But two more of these, plus the Leonard Cohen/VideoGameMontages/Various other artists gets us an interesting YouTube video on this blog forever. If you share indie artists with me on this thread, I will look at them and tell you what I think of them.

    I put a lot of thought into what videos I share here. Sometimes, picking the video takes up my whole Thursday night. The Weekend Music does not look like much, just judging from the likes and comments, but it is important.

    This blog started with me posting YouTube videos.


  2. I didn’t even know that electric harps were a thing! How cool. Sorry to hear one of the blogs will be bowing out, but I understand stuff happens. At least I’ll still have this blog. 🙂

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    • Yeah. This one is in for sure. And I may do a little A to Z-related blogging around the edges — roundups of A to Z posts and what not. I’ve just got too much writing to do to do it at the personal blog, and all my likes and comments lead here anyway. So, I will likely not need to be spending my time in April answering 26 threads at my personal blog AND 26 threads here.

      Maintaining two blogs wasn’t that difficult until I started getting active threads at BOTH. These days, I have to be careful not to post too much over there, or I get overwhelmed trying to keep up.

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      • I can understand that (not that I am anywhere near getting the traffic you must get!) Last year I had burn out halfway through the month because I was trying to do A-Z and a million other things and I fell behind on commenting.

        My girlfriend is gallantly attempting two blogs this year, her own and to help a short story blog we contribute to, but I’m sticking to one blog, and definitely keeping my posts shorter this year! (Last year my theme was all writing related… I actually found you last year when you commented on my J is for Jargon post. 🙂 )


        • I had the same experience last year, Alex. I only went in with a week’s worth of posts written, and I foolishly maintained a public page of the blogs I visited, which is not required and is a little more public accountability on the visits than you really want, because what if you fall behind and have to catch up the visits the next day?

          No idea about how our traffic compares, but our blogs get a relatively high amount of engagement for the number of visits we see, and got a ton of social media connected to them, so they look bigger than a lot of blogs their size, I think.

          Are your girlfriend’s blogs and the short story one linked on your blog? I am interested in checking those out.

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          • Yes, much the same for me. I’m happy to say that all of my posts are scheduled as of Thursday (including my theme reveal), so this year I can purely focus on commenting and visiting as many blogs as possible. 🙂

            I also had some personal accountability that wiped me out last year, but now I know how to manage it better. Last year, I followed about 400 blogs for April through Bloglovin’, and quickly fell behind because of having to change commenting styles for each type of website, so I made folders mid-April 2014 and this year for “WordPress”, “Blogger”, and “Other”, “Other” pretty much being any site that has a form or captchas to fill out.

            I average between 70-80 views a day on my blog, not a lot. I saw a lot of traffic this year (and still do) for blogging about something controversial earlier this year (Kathleen Hale vs. Blythe Harris), but on the whole, my blog is pretty quiet, haha.

            My girlfriend is mentioned a lot in posts, but her address (for ease) is http://njmagas.wordpress.com. The short story blog, “Out of Print”, is here: http://out0fprint.wordpress.com Hopefully you can find something there you like. I really recommend NJ’s “White Prince”. It’s a great short. (https://out0fprint.wordpress.com/2015/01/29/the-white-prince/)

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            • Thanks! Both this blog and Part Time Monster averaged 83 views per day last year. Those are up this quarter — here we’ve averaged 105 since January, and the coffee share is taking off at Part Time Monster, so that one’s up to the 130 range.

              I’m waiting with anticipation to see what April does for us, and whether those numbers fall off later in the year.

              My personal blog rarely gets more than 40 in a day unless I’m running a week-long series or promoting something that a lot of bloggers are interested in there, and typically, those sorts of things are for special occasions.

              I’ll check out those links, and I also followed a bunch of your social media 🙂

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            • Congrats on the stats boosts! I’m hoping to make some long-time followers this time as well. Unfortunately many of the people I built relationships with over April last year stopped blogging all together after the challenge, haha. I’m feeling pretty positive about it, though. 🙂

              Yes, thank you, I saw! I PMed you on Facebook from my personal account. The name is different, but it’s me. 🙂 Thank you so much for the follow!

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