IDW Makes Me Long for Baldur’s Gate

Good day, everyone! My post for this week builds off my previous one about IDW. This time around, I want to give a general review and recommendation for one of IDW’s current titles I’m loosely following–the enormously titled Dungeons & Dragons: Legends of Baldur’s Gate – Tyranny of Dragons by Jim Zub and Max Dunbar.

This title (along with the fact that I just recently finished Dragon Age Inquisition, which I may address in another post) really brings my nostalgia for Baldur’s Gate to the forefront of my mind. Though I never completed it or its sequel (Shadows of Amn, which I still consider one of my all-time favorite role-playing games, along with Planescape: Torment–on a side note, Will still has one of my old copies of the game, which seems to be working out for him these days), I still have fond memories of adventuring and questing across the Forgotten Realms with a unique and nuanced team of characters, not the least of whom was the (probably) brain-damaged ranger named Minsc.

Legends of Baldur’s Gate begins about a century or so after the events of the Baldur’s Gate games, and likely several decades after the deaths of many of the games’ main characters, Minsc included. The story begins with an Elven wild mage (D&D, y’all!) named Delina on a personal quest to the city of Baldur’s Gate on the run from some powerful enemies. During her flight, she enters a pavilion filled with the statues of great heroes from the city’s history. Included among them is a statue of Minsc, called the Legendary Ranger at this point.

While using her wild magic to defend herself, Delina accidentally animates the statue of Minsc, complete with his miniature giant space hamster companion, Boo. There’s a bit of existential horror boiling beneath the surface here that never gets its due in the story. Given that this Minsc seems to have all the memories that the real Minsc would have, does this mean that Minsc was stuck as a statue for nearly a century? If not, does this mean that Delina somehow creates a perfect replica of Minsc using the statue as a template? Is the answer somewhere between these questions? As of the end of the second issue of the series, this bit of the story has not yet been told.

Though it’s far from the best fantasy comic out right now, this one is worth a look , if for no other reason than to sate your Baldur’s Gate nostalgia. Also, I do think it has a lot of potential on its own, so try it out if you’re interested in anything I talked about today. The fifth issue of the series will likely be out by the time you read this, so you’ll have quite the stack of material to work through if you choose to follow it.

As has become the norm, this series is my reading recommendation for this week. Check it out on comiXology or go out and support your local comic shops. I’ll see you all next time.

Minsc and Boo stand ready! Swords for everyone!

7 thoughts on “IDW Makes Me Long for Baldur’s Gate

    • If either of you want to play (and I am going to sound like I’m shilling but I’m not) pretty much every old rpg is on good old games. DRM free, available to download. I know they’ve got the entire BG saga.

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      • They’ve got the Enhanced Editions, too. I know some people diss the EE versions pretty hard, but it was a headache for me to try to get BG1 to use the BG2 engine. This was on Windows (when I could afford to run it)– no chance doing any of that on Linux. I got BG1 on sale at GOG; much less hassle.

        They’re a good company and I appreciate that they started supporting Linux.


      • Thanks for the offer, but I honestly do not have time for games. If I did, I’d be spending my weekend installing Morrowind and tweaking it to hell and back with mods I have stashed away for the day when I can just play Morrowind.

        I am not even caught up on Justified or The Walking Dead at this point, and you know how I feel about those.

        Got the social media tiger by the ears right at this exact moment.

        I do not dare let go.

        ( But I will remember this tip, and thanks for both the tip and the awesome space hamster conversation on Twitter earlier tonight. that was a thing of beauty.)


  1. Man, I have to look for that cd, I thought I gave it back. If I can’t find it I will absolutely buy you a new (probably digital) copy.

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