Tuesday Texture: Cast Iron


Photo by Gene'O

Photo by Gene’O

But what IS this cast iron thing? Take a guess, and stop by tomorrow for the Wordless Wednesday.

We’re light on Tuesday features for the next three weeks or so. David’s done with Agent Carter, and we’re gearing up for the April A to Z Challenge, so it’s not a good time for us to start a new run of anything, but I’ll try and keep the photos coming.

I have an idea for a Tuesday book feature that I’m going to be looking for a new contributor for soon. It’s an easy thing and could be good for us, but we’ve got no one to write them. If you like to do book blogging (especially lists), if you know me well enough that I would consider giving you dashboard access, and if you can produce finished posts that would fit here, I’m willing to have a preliminary conversation, but I don’t plan to actually start that rolling until May or June.