8 thoughts on “RECAP: The Walking Dead, S05E12, “Remember”

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  2. The parade of memes is good! And I am still not caught up, but this seems like a barn-burner of an episode, and I am trying to comment on every contributor thread.

    I am uploading all the A to Z art right now.

    And also, have a question for you if you wouldn’t mind putting on your Great-and-Powerful Self Publisher hat for a a second. Natacha uploaded the Feminist book to Amazon and thought that once it hit smashwords, she could mark it down to free on Amazon. But she can’t. Contacted Amazon, and they said that regardless of what their written policies and procedures say, they reserve the right to retain the original price and will not mark the thing down. The whole point of the feminist book was to give the goshdarn thing away. Do you know a workaround for this?

    The feminist tracts are a perpetual thing, and they will be collected once a year into an ebook for as long as we can make that happen. We will exclude Amazon entirely next year rather than allow them to stick a price tag on it and force us to deal with the pain in the ass that is a small amount of money.


    • There’s no workaround other than a bunch of people reporting it cheaper elsewhere, and they’re even on to that trick by now and frequently it won’t work anymore. It’s why BENEVOLENCE ARCHIVES is $1.99 at Amazon and free everywhere else.


      • Stupid commercialism. (I will not say much about capitalism, good capitalist that I am, but surely you see what a monkeywrench generating any amount of profit throws into the pamphleteering scheme). Natacha can’t take the thing down, or she loses her pre-release privileges for a year. So we are rolling with it.

        Thanks! That’s what I thought, but I figured if anyone could find an easy way around it, that person would be you.


  3. Hey, love yer blog. As a big Daryl fan, I don’t want him to get killed and turn into a walker. Since Eugene blasted walkers with the fire engine hose, Daryl would have to be a walker before Carol sprays him with a hose, so that’s just no good at all for me. Besides, Daryl had a natural shower when they all got rained on.


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