Weekend Music and Stuff!

This is harder than it looks, people. Give Reina del Cid some social media love.

Comparative Geeks is in the market for guest posts to help keep their blog running when the Geek Baby arrives. There is an opportunity here for some of you. And keep in mind, this is the first blog other than mine and Diana’s that got a link from me. I’m working on some guest posts for them myself.

If you are are Blogging A to Z in April, and you have a free hour on a Thursday sometime, you should join in the A to Z Twitter chat. These occur at 1 pm and 8 pm ET and last an hour. Some co-hosts show up and ask questions using the hashtags #azchat and #atozchallenge. Everyone answers them. I’ve done a couple of them, and they are fun.

The Feminist Friday is up at Part Time Monster.

That is all.

7 thoughts on “Weekend Music and Stuff!

  1. Recording outdoors is a pain in the butt (apart from everything else your guitar never stays in tune!) … add a crackling fire, make it a live performance, some smokin’ guitar riffs, and you’ve got a beautiful piece of video!

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    • These people are GOOD at staging videos, and they have a stockpile of them. I promote them periodically because they fit with the overall content scheme, the quality is there, and they are just indie-enough that sharing their videos might be worth something to them. I am hoping eventually they will catch on and comment on the blog. I tag them on Twitter sometimes (not every time, but sometimes).

      They’re out of Minneapolis.

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        • Nope. The fire is not a prop. And the one doing all the guitar work is named Toni Lindgren. She is the best not-very-recognized guitarist I have seen in a long, long time. Every time I go to the YouTube channel and snag one of these videos, I am looking at the new ones to see if she’s decided to pick up a Stratocaster and bust out with some Jimi Hendrix. Or pick up a Telecaster and bust out with some Hank Williams. LOL. Either would work.


            • That is true! Also, there is a thing they do, which you can see in this video from maybe 2:19 to 2:34? Anyway. Where the camera is on the hands. To people like us, who are just watching them play, they seem to not be actually touching the neck of the guitar, those fingers are moving so fast. It is beautiful to watch. Wish I could do it, but sadly, I cannot.


  2. Back in the day, my friend told me I liked all music that had chicks or dudes sitting under a tree playing the guitar. It was not without some truth. I like that stuff. And other stuff. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.


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