Let’s Play Planescape: Torment! Episode 4

by William Hohmeister

Last time on Planescape: Torment!

Breaking stuff leads to a level-up, and an encounter with a ghost leads to a vague prophecy!

In case you missed it, Nameless helpfully wrote down Deionarra’s prophecy:

I encountered the ghost of a woman named Deionarra, who prophesied that I would meet three enemies, but ‘none more dangerous that myself in my full glory’. They are shades of evil, of good, and of neutrality given life and twisted by the laws of the planes.

Ep4_Image1She said that I would come to a prison built of “regrets and sorrow,” where “the shadows themselves have gone mad.” Here, I will be asked to make a terrible sacrifice… for the matter to be laid to rest, I must “destroy that which keeps me alive, and be immortal no longer.”

Deionarra disappears, and Nameless discovers Morte can’t see her. So he’s a crazy amnesiac scar monster. Although maybe a skull isn’t the best barometer for reading Nameless’ mental weather. Hey, no one else has talked to him yet, maybe even Morte isn’t real…


Morte and Nameless escape through the portal, Nameless waving his hands to ward off insanity. Then… hey, a cutscene. There’s the slab Nameless woke up on. Good ol’ slab. A slab is where, when you have to go to it, it has to take you in…

Ep4_Image2Unless more ghosts show up. I’m not sure if this is Nameless’ delusion, or if the game is trying to drive me crazy.

Nameless appears in a tomb set up as an escape for the Anarchist spy in the Mortuary. “Penn’s” note tells Vaxis – the idiot spy – to lie low in Ragpicker’s Square because the Dustmen won’t look for him there. The note also mentions Pharod; the Dustmen are interested in where he’s getting so many corpses to sell them. Emoric, at the Gathering Dust bar, may know more. Nameless takes the money Penn left, and finally steps into Sigil.

Also, I finally level him up. Dismantling the giant skeletons in episode 3 took Nameless and Morte up to level 2. Here’s a shot of the level-up screen:

Ep4_Image3Nine new hit points and some other stuff I don’t understand. I also got a new Character Point, which I put into Wisdom. Morte got 12 HP. This system is supposed to be random – between 1-10 HP plus any modifiers (like the +2 HP from Morte’s Constitution score) – but I can save and reload to get the maximum possible. Which I do.

Hey, I said I was going to play like the Doctor. The Doctor cheats all the time.

The area Nameless is in right now is called The Hive, a squalid neighborhood in the city of Sigil. There are plenty of random folks and a few jobs. First, Nameless explores the area and finds Pox, a Collector with a bad rash, outside the Mortuary front gate. The Collectors are not really a faction, more like a loose group that finds and sells bodies to the Dustmen. Some Collectors are decent folks – like Pox here. Others are willing to “help” people become corpses to sell.

Pox recognizes Nameless, and asks if he wants to be smuggled into the Mortuary again. These two have a good thing going: Nameless gets to die and Pox gets paid. Nameless turns the offer down this time, though. Pox says Pharod is in hiding from Pox’s boss, Sharegrave, a Collector boss who runs Ragpicker Square. He also mentions Emoric, who hangs out at the Dustmen bar, the Gathering Dust (see, the Dusties do have a sense of humor).

West from the Mortuary is the Tombstone of the Planes. A guy named Quentin hangs out there, and he tells Nameless all about it.

Ep4_Image4Nameless: “The Dustmen record the Names of all that have died on this monument?”

Quentin: “Aye, they scratch ‘em on this rock… and on the walls in this place, too… I don’t know why they take the trouble to take a counting of the dead… the Dusties have more care for the living… y’know about the Dustmen mourners that come to this place? They aren’t mourning the dead, see, they’re mourning the living.”

The Dustmen are huge Walking Dead fans, in other words, and they root for the zombies.

Sev’Tai and Death-of-Names also hang out by the Tombstone. Sev’Tai mourns her sisters, killed by Chaosmen. She wants revenge, but Nameless refuses. Death-of-Names is the record keeper of the Tombstone, and has memorized the placement of each name. He’ll also bury names, for a fee.

Nameless takes a simple errand job from Baen the Sender to deliver a message to Craddock, a warehouse foreman in the Marketplace. This is perfect: any good adventurer knows the first thing to do after a dungeon crawl is shopping. Nameless keeps the healing and usable charms, but dumps the excess weapons (keeping the zombie arm) and the wards and runes from the giant skeletons.

Ep4_Image5He also finds Craddock, who is none too happy with the message. After failing to find one of Craddock’s warehouse workers, the angry foreman lets loose:

Craddock: “Craddock’s face turns a bright red, and his face cracks into a snarl. ‘Damned be his name! May all the evils of the Planes hound his footsteps…’ A blistering stream of insults, threats, and speculation about Jhelai’s family roots issues from Craddock’s mouth…

Morte: “’Oooooh!’ Morte clicks his teeth together as Craddock builds up steam… you can almost hear him taking notes inside his skull.”

Morte has learned a new skill! Morte learned… Litany of Curses! No idea what this does, but it’s a new special ability for Morte.

I’ve gotten a bunch of copper commons from running this errand and selling all the junk from the Mortuary, and a good lead on someone who might at least know Pharod. Flush with cash, let’s for a bar.

Next time on Planescape: Torment… Drinking with ghouls! Ghostbusting! And… Hobos!

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