Preview Time! House of Cards, Anyone?

Stop the presses! Diana binged on the new season of House of Cards over the weekend and she’s decided to publish a short series about it here just as soon as she can get them written. Since Netflix makes the whole season available at once, and it is trending on the Twitters right now, we’ve decided we aren’t going to blog every episode, nor draw it out for a great length of time.

Diana is working on how to organize the posts, and I will fit whatever she comes up with into the schedule as quickly as possible. I’ve wanted to see what this series would do on the blogs for a while. I love it myself, and we’re striking on this one while the iron is hot. Starting tomorrow. Here’s the teaser in the form of a tweet:

David will finish his run on Agent Carter Tuesday, we’ll have the next installment of Will’s Planescape play-through on Wednesday, and of course more Tolkien on Thursday to go along with the House of Cards. Arrow is on a two-week hiatus, so Melissa won’t be around this week šŸ˜¦ but she will definitely be back.

Other News

If you missed the memo yesterday, I’ve volunteered to help with the setup phase of a Twitter account for #1000Speak, @1000Speak. That’s going well, and if you wrote a post for Feb. 20, it is perfectly acceptable to share it on Twitter again and tag @1000Speak in the Tweet.

Also, we’ve collected some of last year’s Feminist Friday posts into an e-book. The official release date is March 8, to coincide with International Women’s Day. I’m working on the blurb for the download sites today, and once that’s done, Natacha will have everything she needs to finish the editing and publishing work and get the text ready to go.

Contributors and Blogging A to Z guest bloggers: I am planning to get the themed A to Z art into the image library in the next day or two. Once that is done you can load posts at your convenience, but don’t schedule them. Some of our regular features will continue to run in April, so the scheduling is going to be a bit tricky. My suggested post guidelines are in the announcement, and the schedule is broken out by day and author here. If anything comes up and requires changes to the plan, let me know immediately so I can adjust and fill in.

Have a great week!

6 thoughts on “Preview Time! House of Cards, Anyone?

    • Haha. It has not always been so. It’s kind of a necessity at this point. Both #1000Speak AND the e-book thing fell out of the sky on me in the last month. If I hadn’t spent the fall getting myself super-organized, I would be sunk right now.


    • Yes, I have noticed, and thanks! It’s good to be a favorite! It’s looking to be a four-parter and the Tuesday-Thursday ones will run in the afternoons in lieu of this week’s photo features.


    • My problem is I just have no time for television. Ironically, maintaining a pop culture blog does not leave me much leisure time to actually consume the pop culture.

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