10 thoughts on “RECAP: The Walking Dead, S05E11, “The Distance”

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  2. Is it odd that I think Norman looks hot as hell in that top image?

    I really do need to catch up on the WD episodes I’ve missed. It’s one of th eonly shows I’ve kept up with after the first couple of series.


    • Actually, he does. David Bowie back in the day, is what popped into my mind when I saw it for the First time.

      Or possibly a half-formed Joker.

      Norman is attractive in all kinds of ways, and even though I lead a mostly hetero-normative life, I must admit that. And I hope I am not saying too much here, but if so, much worse happens on the internet every day 🙂

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  3. There is so much goodness in this post, it hurts!

    I copied and pasted this line in the early going, but really. So. Much. Goodness. The sweetness of it makes my teeth hurt. Cannot believe this is being posted on a blog I run. It is too much.

    “His beard is made entirely of the beards of lesser men at this point.”

    As soon as the sick baby gets done with the Netflix, I am totally turning off the social media and catching up on this shit.

    See you in about 18 hours!

    (The Reedus image is from an actual job, I think. I kinda-sorta remember watching it, but cannot tell you what it was about. Is fuzzy.)

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  4. I’m following the show through your recaps at this point – not by actually watching tv. It is entertaining. But I have to worry that this is bad news for the settlement. Haven’t these people basically wrecked whatever area they’ve tried to settle in?


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